Ellie Maas Davis

Ellie Maas Davis owns Pressque, a publishing consultation firm located in downtown Charleston that offers editing and ghostwriting services to authors and publishers.

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Good Book Editing Doesn’t Just Correct, It Collaborates

I love the economy of publishing: a writer takes an idea and creates a product (the writing-the-book part), perfects the product (the editing-the-book part), and then prints the product (the finished-book part that readers pay to read). It’s one of the purest forms of capitalism.

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9 Things You Need to Know About the Book Editing Process

by Ellie Maas Davis, owner of Pressque
Ellie Maas Davis shares frequently asked questions and answers about the book editing process based on the way she runs her business.

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Editorial Review: The First Step to Self-Publishing Your Book

by Ellie Maas Davis
Before an indie author with a book can be paired with an editor, there’s something called an editorial review. This is an assessment that helps self-publishers choose what level of editing their manuscript needs—and if it needs editing at all.

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Author Meets Editor: The Perfect Editorial Match

By Ellie Maas Davis of Pressque
How do you find the one? The one editor, that is. Finding an editor that will bring out the best in your book can be a bit like finding that person that gives you butterflies. Dating and finding an editor can be daunting. The below should be considered in order to make finding “the right” editor a breeze.

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