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One Is the Loneliest Number: Understanding Where the Editing Process Begins

By Ellie Maas Davis
Writing is lonely business. By the time you finish a book you’ll have whiled away long solitary hours, peck, peck, pecking away at a keyboard.

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The Magic of Print On Demand (POD)

by Robin Cutler
It’s hard to believe that Ingram Content Group's print on demand (POD) technology is approaching its 20th birthday. This technology was the brainchild of Ingram's chairman and CEO John Ingram, hoping to solve the problem of Ingram being out-of-stock (OS) on publisher’s deep backlist titles. In those days, publishers would deem titles OS if sales didn’t warrant a trip back to the printer. With demand from retailers and libraries going unfulfilled, Ingram thought there must be a better way.

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Using Social Media to Drive Book Sales

Social media is important for almost every industry. Consumers use it to make purchasing decisions and see what non-marketers are saying about a person, brand, or idea. Authors and publishers use social media marketing to direct consumer awareness in the online community.

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10 Successful Independent Publishing Behaviors and Traits

Independent publishing has been around for hundreds of years. Whether it’s a small indie press that sees value in an author’s work or an author using a contemporary platform to self-publish, it takes a truly entrepreneurial spirit.

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Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Fatigue

Writer’s fatigue and writer’s block are similar concepts. Whereas blocks can happen at any point in the writing process, even before you’ve begun, fatigue normally occurs after extended periods of writing. The condition is frustrating, emotionally draining, and affect confidence.

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10 Self Publishing Tools You Need to Know

The internet is full of content that promises to make you a better, faster, and more noticeable writer. Some of the resources you’ll find in a Google search may be exactly what you are looking for, while other results may lead you down a path of wasted time. Writers rely on a host of varied and authoritative resources to inform their writing style, content, and help them grow.

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