Indie Author Fringe 2017 – Day Two: BookExpo

Monday, June 05, 2017

BookExpo was this past weekend which means the second day of Indie Author Fringe also took place. Indie Author Fringe is a 3-day, 24 hours per day indie author conference packed with advice on self-publishing. Every session is available online and 100% free; perfect for aspiring authors and experienced, small to mid-level publishers alike; basically anyone looking for professional advice on how to publish a book. And we're offering a special promotion code to go with it.

The first day of Indie Author Fringe, which took place right after the London Book Fair, focused on the initial stages of the self-publishing process: creating your book. Once you master that and have a book ready for readers, this second conference, following BookExpo, was hosted to cover the nuts and bolts of selling your book.

Marketing and Promoting Your Book

Remember, as a self-publisher, you are running a business. Your book is your product. And like any other business you’re going to need to market your books to customers. Just because your book is available, doesn’t mean people are going to buy it.

Being a successful book marketer requires three key factors: pricing, planning, and execution. 

Pricing Your Book

At this point you’ve put a decent amount of blood, sweat, and tears into creating the perfect book. While that may be true, you need to have realistic expectations as to how much people are willing to pay for your work.

Price too high with a low discount - scare away a lot of potential sales.

Price too low with a high discount - you won’t make enough money to keep printing copies.

For more about how to price your book—for domestic and international markets, physical bookstores and Amazon, print and digital books—you can check out the GLOBAL PRICING: HOW TO PRICE YOUR BOOK TO SELL WORLDWIDE session from Indie Author Fringe with our very own Robin Cutler and Andy Bromley. They share the importance of pricing your books for a global market.

Planning a Book Marketing Campaign

Without a plan, most business ventures are destined to fail. You may have crafted the next independently published global bestseller, but if you take a slipshod approach to marketing, it’s likely nobody will ever know.

The most important part of planning a book marketing campaign is knowing your audience. Once you know who you need to speak to, where they call home, and how to speak to them most clearly, it is just a matter of execution.

Email marketing is a great place to start. Most everyone uses it and it makes keeping track of engagement simple. And if you are going to explore email, you may want to check out Paul Teague’s Indie Author Fringe session: INSTAFREEBIE LEADS EXPLOSION: HOW TO ADD 100s OF TARGETED READERS TO YOUR EMAIL LIST.

Here you will learn how to get a head start on marketing your book by easily building a successful email list.

Executing a Book Marketing Strategy

So you have a plan. You know who you are speaking to. Your tools are all in place. Now all you need to do is put it all together, but remember: book marketing is an organic process.

Like growing a garden, a book marketing campaign that will result in bountiful book sales needs constant cultivating. This means constantly monitoring growth or decline, and revising your book marketing strategy accordingly.

Lucky for you, Indie Author Fringe features plenty of people who have successfully put it all together. Like, Carla King.

From choosing how to best engage with your readers to smart book marketing tools to streamlining the whole process, you don’t want to miss Carla King’s session: AUTHOR TOOLS YOU CAN USE TO REACH YOUR READERS.

Indie Author Fringe's BookExpo conference is intended to help you take a big step toward improved book sales. And if you're ready to get started, then we'd like to offer a FREE title upload promotion code to pair with the education you receive from this conference.

Use promo code INDIEFRINGE17, now through July 31, 2017, and we will waive your title setup fee.


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