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Monday, April 30, 2018

What can we say? We’re celebrating some author appreciation with a few really big promotions. If you're subscribed to our emails, you already know about these, but this blog is our public service announcement! Here are the IngramSpark promo codes you should be aware of right now with details of what’s included and expiration dates!

Free Revisions till May 31, 2018

This offer doesn’t actually require a promo code; revisions are simply free until May 31, 2018. Have you spotted an obnoxious typo in your book’s interior that has been eating away at you? Has your book recently acquired an outstanding endorsement or review quote that you’d like to add to your book cover? Now’s the time! Hop into your IngramSpark account and upload your updated files. If it’s been a while since you’ve uploaded files, don’t forget to reference our File Creation Guide to make sure your files meet the requirements.

Revise Your Files Today!

The best part about revising your book with IngramSpark is the fact that your books are printed on demand, meaning revising a file doesn’t mean throwing out unsold copies or a warehouse full of inventory containing that annoying typo. Once your revisions are approved, every new order of your book will begin to be printed with your revised files. Easy, peasy.

5% Off Print Orders till May 31, 2018

There are a couple of stipulations with this one, so read more to determine whether your order is eligible:

  1. Only for books printed in the United States or United Kingdom
  2. Order must be for 25 copies or more of a single ISBN or SKU
  3. Includes Economy, Express, or Rush print service levels, but not Volume print service levels
  4. Use promo code SPRING18 at the time you place your order. (All caps, no spaces.)
  5. Cannot be combined with any other print discount.

Use IngramSpark Promo Code SPRING18 to Order Copies of Your Book Today!

*Offer not available on previously placed orders. Sorry, no refunds if you don’t use the code at the time you place your order!

Does your order meet those requirements? If so, huzzah, and happy printing! Enjoy that 5% off discount on printed copies! Here are a few ideas of how you might want to use 25 copies of your book:

  1. Say thanks to family, friends, your book editor or designer. Writing may be a solitary act, but publishing is far from it. Most authors have a small army of supporters behind them, and if that’s you, a finished copy of your book is a fantastic way to say thanks!
  2. Offer a giveaway for your fans! Giveaways are great promotional opportunities and what’s a better prize for a true fan than a signed copy of their favorite author’s book? Offer a copy to the first 5 people who share your book on social media or the first people to purchase another one of your books: “Buy X book, get my new book free!” Giveaways are a fun way to build excitement for a new title and to reward your super fans.
  3. Send your book out for review! Be sure to find the right media to send your finished copy to and to write them a thoughtful galley letter about why your book is perfect for their magazine, newspaper, podcast, blog, or radio or television show. You can also send a copy to your local independent bookseller or library, explain why it’s the perfect fit for their community and ask them to stock it on their shelves.

There are plenty of ways to apply finished copies to your book marketing strategy and with 5% off, now’s the time to order those, even if you may not apply them right away.

Free Title Setup till June 30, 2018

Note that this expiration date is different from the other two. Don’t get them confused! We’re offering free title setup this year in conjunction with ALLi’s Self-Publishing Advice Conference. The conference already took place, but you can access all of the sessions online for free if you’d like to beef up your publishing expertise. We specifically recommend you check out the session from IngramSpark’s own Robin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark, and Andy Bromley, Senior Manager at IngramSpark. Although the conference is over, the IngramSpark promo code for free title setup is valid through June 30, 2018, so go ahead and upload a book on us!

Use IngramSpark Promo Code SELFPUB for FREE Title Setup

*Offer not valid on previously submitted titles. Sorry, no refunds if you don't use the code when you set up the title!

This is the perfect time to upload that print or ebook you’ve been squirreling away in your top desk drawer. The time to put the final touches on that book and get it ready to publish is now! You have two months before the promo code expires on June 30, so follow these steps and get it published:

  1. Tell writer’s block to take a hike and finish writing your book if you haven’t already.
  2. Get editing or design help from a professional (many of whom offer IngramSpark publishers special discounts on services).
  3. Review our File Creation Guide to make sure your files meet our upload requirements.
  4. Upload your book for free with promo code SELFPUB (all caps, no spaces).

Another great use for this promo code is to upload an existing book in a new format. Have a print version of your book but no ebook version? Or a hardcover version but no paperback? Or an ebook version but no print version? Why not expand your book’s potential reach by offering it in a new book format? Imagine all the readers you may be missing out on by only offering your book in one format. Some readers read ebooks exclusively and only shop for books via online retailers. Some readers only read print books and shop in physical stores or libraries. Free title setup is a great opportunity to offer your existing book in a new book format to see how it performs just by offering it in a new format.

So many IngramSpark promo codes, but only for a limited time! These are fantastic opportunities, yes, but free title setup is no reason to rush your masterpiece. So if your book is ready to publish, go for it, but certainly take the time to do it right and do what’s best for you, your book, and your overall publishing journey! And if you're not quite ready to start applying promo codes, feel free to focus on other aspects of your book with our free online self-publishing courses!


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