Understanding the Book Publishing Process

Authors unfamiliar with the book publishing industry can sometimes stumble on the path to publication by not understanding the definitions and roles of people in editing, production, distribution, and sales. By having clarity on the function and purpose of service companies and freelancers, authors can be smarter about hiring the right help.

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Book Cover Design Basics

As an author, your book is your baby. Just like a real child, you spend years putting work into it, crafting it into all it can be, and then you’re ready to send it out into the world. But as with your child, you wouldn’t send them out in just any old outfit. You’d send them out dressed for success. 

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How to Set Up Interior Bleed for Your Book

“Interior bleed” probably sounds like what happens on your favorite medical program when someone has an internal injury, however, bleeding is not something that only concerns the medical profession. Interior bleed gives your book a much more professional look and increases overall sales, and you can set it up yourself.

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Book Layout Basics

The decision to ask a professional book designer to typeset your book versus typesetting it yourself is driven largely by a limited budget. However, once you realize the astonishing number of details designers must attend to in book layout, you may conclude that it’s best to spend your time marketing your professionally designed book rather than attempting to become a book designer yourself.

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How to Format a Book with DIY Design Tools and Services

Design 101 is a book in its own right, not a blog, but to encapsulate its importance in one paragraph...

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How to Judge Your Own Book by Its Cover

by Porter Anderson (@Porter_Anderson), The Hot Sheet
One of the things we like to remind authors at The Hot Sheet is that self-publishing does not always mean doing it yourself. And—next to genuinely professional editing—cover design can be one of the hardest things for an author to tackle. Not your fault! You’re the writer, you’re not supposed to be a commercial graphic artist.

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