Indie Author Fringe 2017 – Day Two: BookExpo

BookExpo was this past weekend which means the second day of Indie Author Fringe also took place. Indie Author Fringe is a 3-day, 24 hours per day indie author conference packed with advice on self-publishing. Every session is available online and 100% free; perfect for aspiring authors and experienced, small to mid-level publishers alike; basically anyone looking for professional advice on how to publish a book. And we're offering a special promotion code to go with it.

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What Authors Need to Know About Price Promotions

Being a modern author comes with the expectation (and sometimes pressure) to do price promotions, which involves lowering the price of your e-book and creating some kind of visibility campaign in association with that “sale.” It’s not so much a matter of whether you’ll do one, but rather why, how soon, how much, how long, how often, and how to do one well. So let’s review those points, shall we? 

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Making Your Book Returnable

Historically, publishers grant booksellers the right to return overstocked copies of books. These books are considered “returnable”. Although, online retailers are less selective than brick and mortar stores in regards to whether a book is returnable, typically, brick and mortar stores will not order a book unless it is returnable, so IngramSpark supports standard industry conventions by allowing publishers to designate whether or not their titles can be returned. 

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How to Sell Your Book to Bookstores

by Cynthia Frank, president of Cypress House
Much as writing books is a passion and business for authors, selling books is a passion and the only business for independent booksellers. And while independent bookstores are known for being wonderful community gathering places with staff that genuinely care about the book industry, that doesn’t mean they can do it all for the love. They still need to sell books. Everyone has to make a living in this business, and this is what the independent booksellers need your book to be in order for both you and them to succeed in selling it.

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Here's Why You Should Discount Your Book

After you've spent the time and money to edit, design, and market your book, the thought of selling it at a discounted price may seem counterintuitive or even downright offensive. However, offering your book at a discounted rate is an excellent way to get it into the hands of new readers and generate buzz. Thanks to new industry tech it is a lot easier to self-publish a book. Browse through any online book retailer's website and you will see thousands of novels that were written and published by the same person. Discounting your book will not only make it stand out on the over-crowded digital shelves, it can also give you a head start on getting your book in physical stores. Here's how.

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