10 Self Publishing Tools You Need to Know

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The internet is full of content that promises to make you a better, faster, and more noticeable writer. Some of the resources you’ll find in a Google search may be exactly what you are looking for, while other results may lead you down a path of wasted time. Writers rely on a host of varied and authoritative resources to inform their writing style, content, and help them grow.

Below is a list of the top 10 resources all writers should use.

  1. Copyscape – If you ever submit writing for online publication, plagiarism is a very real concern. Copyscape is an extremely helpful tool that can detect plagiarism. The premium version allows you to check your work and confirm it is original before sending delivering it to a publication.

  2. Writers&Artists – This site provides a wealth of information for writers including advice, ways to find editors, and a forum where real writers get answers to their questions. The site is based out of the UK and is part of a larger company, Bloomsbury Publishing. This resource focuses entirely on helping writers find necessary services and even how to overcome rejection.

  3. Grammar Girl – Quick and Dirty Tips – The title is catchy, but this site features simple explanations for all the nuanced rules in English writing. If you have a question about whether to use ‘whom” or “who” or need a quick reminder about capitalization, this is the go-to place. It’s full of quick tips and detailed explanations that keep up with the latest trends and developments. As a plus, it’s not stuffy, high handed, or difficult to navigate.

  4. Purdue University’s OWL Writing Lab – Need advice about your research or how to write a certain document? This resource is extensive. You can pick up information about everything from technical writing to medical writing. This site is authoritative frequently shows up with answer after a Google search.

  5. Evernote – Every writer should utilize this tool. The idea stage of writing may take an afternoon or several months. This program syncs across all your devices and lets you organize media from the web for easy access later. It helps you compile presentations and search for items you’ve stored. The incredibly intuitive interface makes this product a must-have for independent writers. Free and premium versions are available.

  6. ProWritingAid – This online tool lets you know if you have grammatical errors, repetitive words, and offers other tips to improve your writing. You can test out the program for free, and the premium version provides an in-document toolbar that integrates with Word and Google Docs. A year-long subscription is available for $35.

  7. Thesaurus.com and RhymeZone – These two standbys are lifesavers in a pinch. Instead of wracking your brain for the perfect word, these sites give you exactly what you need with the right connotation. Even Rhyme Zone can’t help you find words to rhyme with purple and orange, though!

  8. Poets&Writers – This US-based nonprofit helps you discover writing prompts, find writing contests, or narrow down your search for a publisher. Many writers benefit from taking time to write in residency at a new location or rub shoulders with peers at a conference. You’ll find listings for events, job boards, and more – all updated on a regular basis. The company’s primary publication is a magazine with news and other current information for writers.

  9. NaNoWriMo – The funny looking word is short for “National Novel Writing Month.” For free, any writer can sign up and commit to write a 50,000 word novel draft in the 30 days between Nov. 1–30. The fun program intends to get people to write as a daily exercise. Writers stay encouraged by earning badges and interacting with the online community. After a novel has been validated, you’ll receive a trophy badge and statistics on your writing progress.

  10. Unstuck – This fun and easy-to-use app diagnoses writing blocks. After you’ve determined that you’re stuck, the app asks you to identify why; then, it offers solutions. It’s all about changing the status quo to meet your goals. It is so diverse that it can be used in various life situations aside from writing. The parent company, SY, consulted with Apple, Facebook, and other large brands to make meaningful changes in their business. The popular app helps people do the very same thing in their own lives.


These tools and resources address several different areas in which people commonly need assistance. Try one or two out next time you need a little boost. Let us know if we missed your favorite writing resource!


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