Author's Adventure Summit 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Authors hear all the time what they need to do in order to help their book succeed, but unfortunately, they don't always hear how to do it. It’s not enough to know what strategies work to grow an author’s platform. You need to know how to actually implement those strategies effectively and customize them to your book, because strategy means nothing without implementation, which is why I created the free, online Author's Adventure Summit, starting May 8.

For this free virtual event, I interview top experts in publishing, such as IngramSpark’s own Robin Cutler, The Book Shepherd Dr. Judith Briles, cover designer and book marketer extraordinaire Derek Murphy, Book Evangelist Randy Peyser, eagle-eye editors Tenita Johnson and Ellie McLove, top-notch interior designer Tamara Dever, heart-centered book coach Rocky Callen, plus many, many more! I also interview bestselling authors Amanda Young, Valerie Gangas, Sharon Hamilton, Jen Levitz, and Laila Ali about their book launch plans. More than just a “what to do,” the Author’s Adventure Summit will tell authors “how to do it,” so they can quickly implement what they’ve learned (or know who to go to if they need help). All of the experts will be revealing their strategies for creating a bestselling book. Here are a few of the topics that will be covered during the event!

Communicating Your Message

A bestselling book must have a compelling message. It helps when that message is socially relevant or has time significance. Beyond that, your message must impact or influence the reader in some way, whether it’s for pure entertainment, or for business, self-improvement, inspiration, or information. An excellent product is easy to understand, logically presented, and memorable. There is nothing more disappointing than reading a book that has no new information for the reader, or if the information inside is not easily understood. A professional editor will pay close attention to the organization of a manuscript, and will request clarification if passages are likely to confuse the reader. In addition, Author Adventure Summit editors discuss pitfalls that authors frequently fall into, including using editors who are related to them.

Book Packaging

Many a compelling message has been hidden behind a poorly-designed cover. Author Adventure Summit experts discuss some of the most common cover design issues, including using the wrong dimensions, font issues, and image problems.

Packaging also includes excellent proofreading. Readers today are discerning; incorrect punctuation turns off even the most dedicated reader, and eBook and print platforms have even started flagging manuscripts for quality issues based on reader feedback.

Interior book design and eBook conversion can clue readers in to a self-published book. The temptation to use do-it-yourself software and tools has put the design process in the hands of everyone; at the same time, the high learning curve of some of the software puts non-professionals at a disadvantage. Summit experts will show the difference professionally designed text makes in the reader’s experience.

Finally, excellence in printing and distribution helps self-published authors reach a worldwide audience, with some of the same technologies that large-house publishers employ.

Book Promotion

This is the main topic for the Author Adventure Summit. Each expert will discuss how their area of expertise supports an excellent book promotion.

Summit experts discuss the importance of targeted, far-reaching publicity, including winning promotion plans. Many of these plans are brand-new concepts that were not available even a few years ago.

Experts also discuss specific launch plans and how to implement them, all the way from the planning phase to launch and beyond.

Platform-building, from organic and free to fast and leveraged, helps authors achieve bestseller status as well as develop a base of raving fans. Author Adventure Summit experts discuss how to build your audience of targeted readers, and then how to nurture that reader base so they are connected to you and your work. Beyond the bestseller, experts discuss how you can use your book to unlock even more exciting opportunities.

Click here for a full list of participating experts as well as a signup link to be a part of the Author Adventure Summit.


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Lisa DeSpain

Lisa DeSpain with is known as The Successful Author’s Book Coach. She has been involved in publishing since 1998, first in traditional publishing and then working directly with authors. She brings experience from multiple areas of publishing, from distribution, production, and editorial, to book marketing and platform building. Lisa’s overriding passion is for authors to experience extravagant success in their publishing adventure.