BookExpo and BookCon 2018 Offers

Thursday, May 10, 2018

We have some special opportunities to help you get the most out of BookExpo and/or BookCon 2018 at the Javits Center in New York, NY, May 31 – June 3! How does your own personal consultation sound? Or perhaps reading from your work on stage?!

We’ve discussed before the importance of attending conferences and how helpful it can be for networking with your fellow authors and industry professionals, attending workshop sessions to improve your writing or business skills, and keynotes from those with the experience to share what has and hasn’t worked for them. Well, BookExpo and BookCon are the two parts of the biggest book show in North America, and beyond the benefits we just listed, there are two other bonus reasons to try to attend if it fits your budget and schedule!

Schedule a Personal Consultation

We’ve offered one-on-one consultations with authors and publishers like you for the last few years at BookExpo and BookCon and we keep bringing them back for three reasons:

  1. You love them! You fill up our available time slots every year, which is outstanding!
  2. We love meeting you face-to-face. We get to interact with you via our website, customer support, email, phone, and social media, but our favorite is getting to meet you at the events we attend!
  3. There’s so much to learn! Not only for you, but for us as well! We listen to the questions you ask and what makes you excited, and we take your feedback home to incorporate more upfront solutions and more of what you love.

Your consultation is all about you and your book(s), so if you’ll be at the show and are interested in having the undivided attention of one of our IngramSpark representatives for a half hour, book an appointment while they last!

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with an IngramSpark representative.

Read On Stage at BookCon

We’re hosting a special event called The Spark on Saturday, June 2, at BookCon 2018 with Publishers Weekly’s Booklife featuring:

  • A keynote by poet and bestselling author of Her, Pierre Alex Jeanty
  • Interviews with published authors and poets
  • 90-second "Sparks": live readings by poets and writers like you

The Spark is the most compelling passage of your book, and you’re invited to apply to read it on stage at the IngramSpark booth at BookCon 2018. Space is limited, so readers will be randomly selected and anyone who doesn’t get on stage will be invited to record their Spark for IngramSpark’s Facebook live and on camera for Booklife as well!

Register to read at The Spark event at BookCon!

Discounts on BookExpo and BookCon 2018 Tickets

Please note that signing up for either a consultation or to read does not grant you access to the show. You’ll still need to purchase your tickets to the event! We’d hate to miss you on a silly technicality, so please be sure you purchase a ticket for the day you’ve scheduled your consultation and/or reading.

BookExpo 2018
May 31 – June 1
Get a $20 discount on your BookExpo ticket with *promo code WL18.
Purchase Your Ticket
*Code not valid for refunds on previously purchased tickets.

BookCon 2018
June 2 – June 3
Get a $20 discount on your BookCon ticket with *promo code WL6.
Purchase Your Ticket
*Code not valid for refunds on previously purchased tickets.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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