DIY Self-Publishing Tools to Master the Book Publishing Process

Thursday, December 29, 2016

"If you fail to plan you plan to fail." This analogy has been employed across various industries. I would go one step further and say, if you fail to plan you plan to pay too much. No planning causes unnecessary mistakes which in turn cost far more in publishing than publishing itself. 

The Book Publishing Process

There are five main aspects of the book publishing process and many tools for each which are available on the Authors Wish website within these segments.

  1. Writing
  2. Editing
  3. Design
  4. Process
  5. Promotion

There will be corresponding blog posts from me on each of these main DIY self-publishing aspects, but this post touches on the tools I find best for the process step specifically. While each step of the overall publishing process is important, making sure every piece forms a successful whole is vital. Here are a few ways to help you keep the publishing process under control.

Plan Your Book

Some writers have a master plan before they begin writing and some let inspiration strike. Regardless of your method, it’s good to have a basic grasp on what the book publishing process will entail before you decide to undertake the journey. Self-publishing is a business and if you intend to treat it as such, here are some great tools to help.

Book Publishing Process Guides.jpg

  • Step-by-Step Publication Guides offer indie authors access to the guides utilized through my indie publishing division - a concierge approach (full support) to self-publishing. This step-by-step approach helps authors to understand the requirement in pre-publication, publication, and post-publication, thus avoiding the mistakes and ultimately producing a professional product. These guides have 50+ support sheets and step-by-step checklists.
  • Publishing Business in a Box is a toolkit that helps indie authors figure out the business aspects of publishing, covering everything from what to name your business to releasing your inner entrepreneurial spirit.
  • BookPlanner creates a customized action plan for your book publishing process, helping you stay on track as you get your book ready to publish.

Keyword Research

Keywords are some of the most important parts to publishing your book. This metadata is imperative for the internet to effectively search and discover your book to present it to readers who are looking for it. Simple keyword decisions can result in hundreds of additional visitors, which equates to more sales. The following tools are ones my company has used to optimize books for success.

  • Author Checkpoint helps you find keywords for any book on Amazon.
  • SEMRush is great for competitive research as well as individual keywords. My team has used this for our authors but also for our own publishing divisions as well.

A house is not built in a day, nor is a book. There are many steps involved in the book publishing process that take time and the right effort. Plan, plan, plan.

I do not own most of the tools or programs recommended, but my company and team members have purchased, assessed, and reviewed them all and have compiled the ones we’ve found to be the most practical for the DIY self-publishing journey. However, the Step-by-Step Publication Guides are indeed mine and were developed to help authors learn the publishing ropes and avoid fundamental errors made during the book publishing process.


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Julie-Ann Harper

Julie-Ann Harper is the founder of the Pick-a-WooWoo Publishing Group and Authors Wish. She has 25 years of experience in publishing, business training, self-publishing workshops and presentations. Julie-Ann is a passionate advocate towards true self-publishing and helping authors to view publishing as a business. With 15 awards in the area of publishing and business she truly walks her talk and is willing to share her knowledge with as many authors as possible, particularly when it comes to self-publishing. She is the co-author of 47 educational titles, two self-published titles, author of five children’s picture books and two traditionally published titles (McGraw Hill).