Go Publish Yourself Season 3: That's a Wrap!

Thursday, April 04, 2019

This week marks a wrap on Season 3 of our self-publishing podcast, Go Publish Yourself! Since launching in January 2018, we've made it our mission to bring you the best of the best in publishing industry tips, trends, and breaking news. We've been blown away by the support from the self-publishing community with over 100,000 listens in more than 70 countries. Today, we're highlighting some of our favorites from Season 3—listen, learn, and Go Publish Yourself today!

What is Go Publish Yourself?

Go Publish Yourself is the go-to self-publishing podcast for indie publishing knowledgeThere are a multitude of self-publishing podcasts to choose from, and knowing this, we've made it our mission to bring only the best content to our listeners. We curate topics based on most frequently asked questions by our authors (that's you!), and then find experts in the field to bring you the most up-to-date answers. Each week, our lovely hosts, Robin Cutler and Justine Bylo, interview experts in the publishing industry with topics ranging from "What does it cost to self-publish?" to "How do I sell my book to indie bookstores and libraries?" Our experts offer real world publishing experience and examples to help you publish like a pro!

Episodes are available on the IngramSpark website, including a full transcript with additional links for further exploration of given topics. The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms:  iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and more.

Meet Our Hosts: Robin Cutler and Justine Bylo

Go Publish Yourself is hosted by two lovely ladies in the publishing industry, Robin Cutler and Justine Bylo. We sat down with our hosts for a quick Q&A.


Robin Cutler 

As the Director of IngramSpark, Robin leads the development of IngramSpark and continues to support and refine the platform to better serve independent publishers around the world. She is a leader in the independent publishing space, and when she isn't developing new programs and services for IngramSpark, she can often be found sharing her expertise at industry events around the world.

ACS_0421Robin, what's your favorite book and why? Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I love stories that take me to places I haven’t been in rich detail—in this case, Colombia, South America.

Your job allows you to travel around the world. What's your favorite country that you’ve visited? Australia—unbelievable beauty and expanse of space. Like being in the America of my childhood.

Do you have any advice for authors? Know that just the act of writing as a creative activity helps you become a better person, so do it for that purpose if nothing else.

How can indie authors become better writers? Become a good reader so that you can recognize whether or not you’re a good writer. It helps if you know whether or not you can tell a compelling story.

What do you see as the next major disruption in the publishing industry? Text to speech is going to revolutionize the way we consume content.

Justine Bylo

Justine Bylo fulfills her passion for getting independent authors' and publishers' books into the world as Author Acquisition Manager for IngramSpark. She’s dedicated to innovating cutting edge services to help IngramSpark authors and publishers grow their businesses and expand their flourishing platforms.


Classic question for bibliophiles. What's your favorite book, Justine? Definitely To Kill A Mockingbird. I first read this book in Mr. Stern’s English class freshman year of high school and just remember thinking “Atticus Finch is a superhero.”

Favorite movie? You’ve Got Mail. Okay hear me out on this one… Nora and Delia Ephron’s script is not only perfect, but utterly charming. Not to mention, it’s about the children’s bookstore of our dreams! Plus, you have to love the chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan!

What do you see as the most common challenge for indie authors? Finishing the book! I even struggle with this. Set deadlines for yourself. Find writers groups to hold you accountable and cheer you on when you need motivation. As a wonderful author once told me, “Just put your butt in the chair and do the work.”

And can you predict the next big disruption in the publishing industry? We’re already seeing this with rise of Wattpad, but I think interactive short form content that is easily consumable is going to be the next big thing.  


Go Publish Yourself Season 3 Highlights

Here are the most popular self-publishing podcast episodes of Season 3:

Author Income with Orna Ross

Orna Ross, founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLI) and poetry extraordinaire, joined us for an eye-opening discussion around author incomes. In this episode, Orna lays out seven different models for indie authors to earn income, from speaking to patronage and even affiliate income. 

Orna Landscape


Book Copyright FAQs with Helen Sedwick

Legal expert, Helen Sedwick, joined us for a fun and educational episode on book copyright. Questions ranged from Is my first draft protected by copyright? to How long does copyright last? and Can I use song lyrics in my book? We feel like Helen only scratched the surface of your questions here, and can't wait to bring her back to answer more!  

Helen Landscape-1

The Reality of Selling to Bookstores and Libraries with Amy Collins

In the final episode of Season 3, Amy Collins joins Robin and Justine to talk about what's most important to booksellers, retailers, and librarians when they're considering buying your book. You may be surprised to learn what they care about most...

Season 3 Ep 10 GPY LS (Made by Headliner)


Coming Next: 2019 Author Spotlight Series

The Author Spotlight series of Go Publish Yourself features independent authors and publishers who have excelled on their self-publishing journeys! No genre is alike, and you can expect to hear from authors who've successfully published romance, thrillers, self-help, young adult (YA), and more. Stay tuned for 2019's Author Spotlight Series coming in June 2019!




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