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How to Build A Reader Or An Audience Persona With Reader Insights Reports

Monday, September 19, 2022

How can Reader Insights Reports be valuable information for you and make you a better book marketer?  

Knowing your audience better, means figuring out what content and even what messages they care about. The Reader Insights Reports reveal your reader’s habits, interests, and likes—all of which is valuable information that can be channeled into a book marketing strategy. From determining the best platform or website to run ads on to reach your readers (media strategy), to what messaging and ad placement your reader responds best to (creative strategy). 

The Reader Insights Reports contain the building blocks you’ll need to begin mapping out a basic marketing strategy no matter your level of experience. 

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Begin Mapping Your Strategy

First, consider these basic “demographics”: 

  • Gender 
  • Age 
  • Geographic location 

Then, pinpoint some behavioral traits, and psychographics, such as: 

  • What are their interests? 
  • What types of activities are they engaged in regularly? 
  • Do they have any hobbies? 

Other questions you can ask to help discover your reader’s persona might be: 

  • What other kinds of books or other authors are they reading? 
  • What keyword searches do they use? 
  • What influences them? 
  • Who else do they follow? 
  • What hashtags do they use? 

Once you have a picture of your reader in mind, you’re ready to start thinking about how you’re going to reach them. 

  • Determine the best platform to reach them on. Are they more active on Facebook or Instagram?  
  • Do they spend most of their time reading news, or shopping on retail sites? 
  • What sites do they frequent most? 
What types of content do they engage with most frequently? Blogs? Reviews? Articles? 
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WORKSHOP: Build a Marketing Strategy for your Title

Once your audience persona is clearly defined, you’re ready to begin outlining your marketing strategy. Through practice, building an audience persona will become second nature.

You’ve downloaded your Reader Insight Report on the genre or audience that best aligns with your book.  Now what? There are several best practices that will help you convert the data into an effective marketing strategy.  

The following is a series of FAQs for you to consider when reading through a Reader Insight Report, or when researching your target audience on your own: 


  1. Question: Ask, who are the readers? Develop a competitive set (“comp set”) of authors and books for your title. Identifying authors and books like your own will guide you in pinpointing your target demographic.  
    Solution: Using insights on platforms like Facebook will enable you to do quick audience research and gather data on audiences regarding size, demographics, and interests.  
  2. Question: What other authors and books are readers of your book interested in?  
    Solution: Tap into sites like Amazon, Goodreads, or LibraryThing to develop a more robust comp set. Search specific titles and author names in search fields to reveal similar books/authors.  
  3. Question: When readers of books within your genre are searching or engaging with relevant content online, what keywords do they use?  
    Solution: A simple Google search, or search on Amazon will reveal keywords and phrases used by readers of similar books, authors, and genres. 
  4. Question: Who are readers of books and genres similar to yours influenced by? 
    Solution: Again, start with a Google search. Other sites like Amazon, Goodreads, CrimeReads, LitHub, BookRiot, or Bookshop are valuable tools that are free to use. 
  5. Question: What authors and accounts do readers of mysteries and authors similar to you follow on social media?
    Solution: Choose an author from your comp set and find them on Twitter, and then browse whom they follow, and who’s following them to get a better grasp on who they’re influenced by. 
  6. Question: What hashtags do readers use when searching for similar books and authors? 
    Solution: Whether browsing accounts and posts on social media like Instagram and Twitter, or using a site like, developing a core list of hashtags to use in your creative content pieces will improve discoverability and engagement. 

Congratulations! You now you have your own audience! Now, it’s time to apply all this research and data to now develop a media and creative content strategy. Effective strategies come in many shapes and forms, including: 

  • Create blog posts or social posts relevant to your book, book category, and reader audience 
  • Run organic or paid social campaigns on platforms where your readers are engaged 
  • Run ad campaigns targeting competitive authors and titles 
  • And much more
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