How to Set Up a Title with IngramSpark – Part 2

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

You’ve handled important pieces of your title setup process such as format, title, author, and book description, which we covered in Part 1 of this blog series, so now it’s time to move on to pricing, book distribution, and file upload. Pricing and book distribution methods are important pieces of your book’s metadata used to convey vital information about your book to customers, bookstores, libraries, and other retailers. And without files, there’s no book. Here’s what you need to know about each of these steps when setting up a title with IngramSpark.


On the pricing section of IngramSpark’s title setup process, you will see six different markets. Adding global pricing will allow your title to be distributed in each respective market. If you decide to include a list price for different markets, we recommend using our currency converter. Adding pricing in as many markets as possible allows your book to reach its greatest sales potential by not limiting your book’s distribution.

It is up to the you to determine the list price, wholesale discount, and returns status. It is also important to note that the pricing of your title will affect your publisher compensation (your earnings on every sale).

List Price

The list price is the price that retailers will charge their customers when selling your book (retailers may offer discounts to customers for promotions or coupons, but those are taken out of the retailer’s profit, not yours).

Ebook Pricing

When completing the pricing information for ebooks, there are two columns: ebook Retail Price and Apple ebook (Agency) Price. The retail price applies to all ebook retailers except Apple. The Apple (Agency) price applies only to Apple and must meet certain requirements:

  • The agency price must end in a “.99” value.
  • The agency price must not exceed the retail price of the book.
  • Apple requires both an agency and a retail price for comparison.

Wholesale Discount

You can offer a wholesale discount between 30% and 55% for the US and Canada market (35% - 55% for international markets). The most acceptable industry standard wholesale discounts are 53% to 55%. The wholesale discount you offer is what our distribution partners receive. They may pass on a portion of that discount to their customers. By offering a wholesale discount of 53% to 55%, bookstores may receive their normal trade discount or contracted discount from the wholesalers they buy from, such as Ingram. 

Returns Status

Knowing the purpose of returns and how they can affect a publisher is important to understand. Many brick-and-mortar stores will not order a book unless it is returnable, but if books are returned, the publisher is expected to pay the cost of the return (the wholesale cost of the book). You can read more about returns here.

Book Distribution

Global Connect

Our Global Connect program allows your book to be even more accessible in various parts of the world. We currently have relationships with printing facilities in Germany, Russia, China, Poland, South Korea, Italy, Spain, and India. With the Global Connect program, our distribution partners in these markets are able to print orders as they come in for their local channels and retailers.

Publication/On Sale Date

The Publication Date is the date that you plan to make the book available to bookstores, libraries, and online retailers. The On Sale date is the date before which the book may not be sold by retail partners. If you would like your book to be available for pre-order, you will use the On Sale date to determine when your book will be sold. 

Ebook Distribution Rights

Here you will select if your ebook can be distributed worldwide or only in certain regions. Selecting “Yes” allows your ebook to be enabled for worldwide distribution. If “No” is selected, you are provided a complete listing of Distribution Territories that will apply to your title.

File Submission

The file upload process is where you will submit your files to IngramSpark for review. Print books require an interior PDF file and a cover PDF file. Ebooks require an EPUB file and a JPG cover image. You can read more about our print file specifications in our File Creation Guide

Print File Submission

Once your files are submitted, they go through an initial Content Validation process. If our computer system flags something in the file that may cause an issue when printed, you will receive a notification. Some file issues you'll be required to fix before moving forward, and a new file with corrections may need to be uploaded. 

After submitting your files, you will pay the title setup fee ($49.00 for print books, $25.00 for ebooks, or $49.00 for print and ebook when uploaded at the same time). Once payment has been made, your files are moved into the queue for our premedia technicians to review. If any potential printing issues are seen, you will receive an email notification with information about the issue, and you may be asked to upload a corrected file. The typical turnaround time for file review is 3-5 business days for new titles.

After the file review process, you will receive an eProof to review. Approving the eProof allows your book to be printed, and you will have the option to enable distribution. Your orders will not print until you have approved the eProof, so be sure you don’t skip this step.

Ebook File Submission

Your EPUB file and JPG cover image will go through a Content Validation process. If any issues are found, you will be asked to upload corrected files. Once corrected files are submitted, the ebook moves into production. There is no proofing process for ebooks. We have ePUB guidelines that we recommend publishers follow for ebooks.

We hope this has been helpful in providing an outline of the title setup process with IngramSpark and that you feel prepared to publish a book!


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