Indie Author Day: Building a Community that Supports Local Authors

Monday, August 07, 2017

Indie authors are looking for ways to connect with an audience and build readership. A great place to start is your own local community. Indie Author Day helps writers build a community of readers and there are several other benefits of participating.

What Is Indie Author Day?

Indie Author Day, now entering its second year, is one of the largest single-day library events in North America. On this day, libraries big and small invite local writing communities to come to the library to connect, share experiences, network and build a community of local authorship. This year, Indie Author Day will be on Saturday, October 14, 2017.

The Importance of Local Community

Building a relationship with a local library can be a great launch pad for indie authors. Why? Because your local librarians and their patrons can be early advocates of your publication. As neighbors, we love to see those we know or feel connected to succeed, so when your community hears that one of their own has published a book, there is an instant interest. We’re sure that you have heard how important it is to “build a network” so why not start in your own backyard? This is of benefit in markets large and small.

Often indie authors will take to the Internet to promote their work, and while that digital presence will only continue to be important in the marketing of a new book, people often form more of a kinship when meeting face-to-face. This is true for readers, but also other authors, and people from around the publishing industry.

During Indie Author Day, writers are able to engage with their local community through programming that is different at each and every library. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • book readings
  • guided lectures
  • writers’ workshops
  • author panels
  • open mics

By getting in on the action, you will put yourself in front of an audience ready to support and endorse you.

Furthermore, by participating in Indie Author Day, writers are afforded the opportunity to contribute to a culture of reading and engagement at their local library. In short, you become a community leader. 

How To Get Involved

Authors are encouraged to reach out to their local libraries about Indie Author Day. You can visit our where page and see which libraries are participating near you. You can also feel free to volunteer to participate by filling out this form. Libraries love it when authors come with their own original programming ideas, so feel free to be creative!

You can learn more about Indie Author Day by watching this introductory video and by following IAD on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #IndieAuthorDay.


Indie Author Day

Hunter Gardner

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