Indie Author Fringe 2016: The Business of Book Publishing

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Welcome to the third and final part of our ongoing series outlining Indie Author Fringe (IAF), a series of free, online conferences for independent publishers presented by the Alliance of Independent Authors, offering non-stop advice and inspiration, organized around key self-publishing topics.

It has been a couple months since the last IAF event, and now we find ourselves heading down the final stretch. The third conference of IAF takes place October 22, 2016, the day after Frankfurt Book Fair.

If you’ve attended either of the prior two days, you know IAF is a great opportunity to get free independent publishing advice from experienced book publishing pros. And if you haven’t had the chance to attend one or more of these sessions, now is the time to join in!

Conference Three: Book Rights, Contracts, and Time/Money Management Advice

The IAF conferences were scheduled to follow the journey of the independent author. The first conference provided an introduction to the initial stages of the book publishing process. The second conference’s sessions concentrated on book marketing and promotion. The third and final day wraps everything up to cover the business end of independent publishing. Essentially, you will learn everything you need to know about creating income from your book sales. You’ll also learn best practices for making sure you set yourself up for success with smart ways to manage your time and money.

The good news is you can build a successful career as an independent publisher/independent author without having an MBA, but just like every business, book publishing has certain nuances. These sessions will cover some of those nuances like: knowing when to make a full-time dedication to your craft, choosing the correct publishing services, taxes, contracts, and negotiating book rights. 

While the easiest solution would be to hire a literary agent to cover these for you, few have that luxury and that may not be the right move for you. Conference Three offers plenty of advice and insights on how to ensure the hours, weeks, and years you put into your book pay off.

A Business Plan

No matter what level you’re at, when you self-publish you are beginning a business venture. And like every other business venture you need to have a plan.

Once you have a completed version of your book, spend a good amount of time researching what comes next in the book publishing process and the best fit for your unique circumstances. How much time will you have to dedicate to the publishing? How much money are you willing to invest long-term—what does your budget look like?

Most importantly…What does success look like to you? What is your end-goal?

To help make that vision a bit clearer think of these key elements:

  • Book Rights: Know your rights. However you publish your book, make sure you know your copyrighting policy. This is your intellectual property, make sure you have a clear understanding of how it is best secured. We are talking everything from printing rights to film rights to TV rights to foreign rights. Lock them down. But also be aware that at some point, someone may want to buy those rights.
  • Contracts: Like any other agreement, the contract you make with whoever publishes your book should be examined closely. Most independent publishers are not out to steal your firstborn child, but at the same time they don’t always hire legal professionals that can write solid agreements. And in the event some bigwig Hollywood producer wants to turn your book into a movie, you can be assured they will have an equally large team of lawyers sifting through your contract piece by piece looking for leaks.

IngramSpark and Indie Author Fringe

IngramSpark definitely makes it simple to publish your book. Whether you are a self-published author or small publisher, both us and Indie Author Fringe want to see you reap bigger rewards for your craft—monetary and personal. IngramSpark puts you on the right path, and what you learn at Indie Author Fringe can help ensure your continued success.

Now through October 31, 2016, you can get free title setup when you use promo code INDIEFRINGE16 when adding new print or electronic titles to your account.

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