IngramSpark Self-Publishing Podcast: Go Publish Yourself Season 2

Monday, August 27, 2018

The IngramSpark self-publishing podcast is back and better than ever! Join us for Season 2 of Go Publish Yourself from our website or your favorite audio platform: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and beyond! New episodes release every Tuesday during a given season.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response for our podcast since launching it as a new form of free publisher education just this past January. Since launch, we’ve completed Season 1, a special Author Spotlight mini-series, and have now begun releasing episodes for Season 2!

In our inaugural season, we offered our perspective on several topics essential to self-publishing success, joined by fellow Ingram colleagues. The Author Spotlight series featured independent authors and publishers who have excelled on their self-publishing journeys. And in Season 2, we’re inviting outside publishing industry experts to discuss critical self-publishing topics. Every episode, regardless of season or hosts/guests, is packed with self-publishing tips!

Here are the most popular self-publishing podcast episodes of each season so far!

Most Popular Episodes Go Publish Yourself Season 1

1. What Does it Cost to Self-Publish?

A hot topic at all times! Tune in to find out what investments you need to make in your book to help it succeed. Listen Now

2. IngramSpark vs. CreateSpace

CreateSpace is the brand many authors, and non authors alike, associate with self-publishing. But is it the best option? We discuss the differences between CreateSpace and ourselves and even cover why you may want to use both. Listen Now

3. Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

No surprise that this is another topic front of mind when it comes to the author community. Publishing a book comes with many decisions, first being what path you may want to take to publication. Tune in to hear our take on the pros and cons of both options. Listen Now

Most Popular Author Spotlight Episodes

1. Book Sales to Big Screens: Spotlight on Anna Todd

Anna Todd started out on Wattpad and has struck it big with her book After, which was an international bestseller and is now a soon-to-be movie, releasing in 2019. Listen Now

2. How to Be a Bestselling Author: Spotlight on Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon has placed more than 80 novels on the New York Times Best Seller List. Tune in as she shares tips and what she likes best about self-publishing. Listen Now

3. Bestselling Author to Independent Publisher: Spotlight on Jason Pinter

Jason began his career in traditional publishing and started out on his own as an independent publisher of his work and the works of others to great acclaim. Listen Now

Most Popular Episodes Season 2: Go Publish Yourself

1. How Did Ingram Get Its Start

We interviewed the man himself, John Ingram, Chairman of Ingram Content Group, about how Ingram got its start and where IngramSpark and independent publishers fit in to the overall Ingram business. Listen Now

2. Global Book Distribution for Indie Publishers

Too many authors aren’t thinking big enough. It’s time to think beyond Amazon and beyond your home country, even. There are readers everywhere, so why limit your distribution and reach? Listen Now

3. Coming Soon!

You’ll just have to tune in to see what we talk about next!

After Listening to Go Publish Yourself


The intention of us starting a self-publishing podcast was to provide self-publishers with even more ways to gain the knowledge they need to succeed. We already offer free online courses, this weekly blog, calculators, and downloadable guides, so a podcast was just one more way we could help grant you access to knowledge on-the-go. We hope you apply what you learn when you publish your book with IngramSpark to make you and your book as successful as you can possibly be.


We love when you visit with us at trade shows and events or when you comment on social media to tell us you listen to the podcast! It makes our day to know you’re utilizing this resource and that you’re enjoying it! But since we don’t get to see all of you in person or on social media, we’d love for you to leave a review on iTunes! We’ll see your comments there and Robin, Director of IngramSpark, may even start reading some of them out in future episodes.

We look forward to continuing to connect with you, and as always, thanks for listening!


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