Updated: IngramSpark’s Response to COVID-19

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

As you know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting the book industry including cancelled events, limited employee travel, and workforce and supply shortages. We are closely tracking the manufacturing, distribution, and shipping challenges you may be facing in your own business. 

At Ingram, we understand our responsibility in serving the book industry with print, digital, and wholesale distribution services. I’m proud to say that through our diversified global services we help keep the industry running, especially in times of need.

Because #BooksAreEssential, you should be finding IngramSpark very much in business, much as it was before this crisis. We’ve remained engaged with you through our resilient support team—real people who are now working from home just like many of you with their partners, children, and pets often making cameo appearances in team meetings. 

Global Solutions

While we trust you are still working on creating content, we want you to know that we stand with you, ready to assist. Please consider our global solutions as part of your preparations:

  • Print On Demand (POD): When supply and demand is difficult to predict, POD through IngramSpark becomes even more viable. As always, you can print as many or as few books as you need without upfront investment in inventory or inventory fees. This starts with ensuring your titles are in our catalog. Whether you utilize our full IngramSpark services, having critical titles in our global system continues to serve you well.
  • Drop Ship: As many of you know, we can drop ship any order on your behalf globally. Now is a good time to place orders in your IngramSpark account and have us manufacture and ship your book(s) directly to your friends, family, and fans.
  • Speed: Our seven global print facilities and additional global partnerships can print your books on-demand in days, not weeks.  
  • Short Run Print Orders: We offer print runs up to 2,500 units at competitive rates.

We know these are challenging times for you, as they are for all of us. You may have been in the process of launching your first book or your third title in a bestselling series—and then life throws this curveball. The good news is that many of our clients are seeing an uptick in sales, enjoying a sudden interest in subject categories such as arts and crafts, children’s activity books, language arts and math, self-help, and cooking. We’ve tried to make things just a bit easier for you by providing free title setup, free revision, and discounted print frees in the US and internationally. For more information on these promotions, visit "IngramSpark Promo Codes Available Now."

Additional Resources for Authors and Publishers

As authors and publishers, we want you to be aware of several important resources with information concerning how you can get answers and help including applying for government funding during this pandemic:

As always, we value the trust you place in us to help you reach your publishing goals. For more writing and publishing resources from IngramSpark, you can visit our blog post "#StayHomeStayWriting: Resources for Writers During COVID-19."

If we have additional updates, we will add them to this post. And if you have additional questions, please contact customer support. Stay safe and know that we are here for you.


Updated 4.20.20.

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Robin Cutler

As the Director of IngramSpark at Ingram Content Group, Robin is committed to helping independent publishers easily get their content into the hands of readers around the globe. To help make this happen, she leads the development of IngramSpark and continues to support and refine the platform to better serve independent publishers around the world. She is a leader in the independent publishing space, and when not developing new programs and services for IngramSpark, she can often be found sharing her expertise at industry events around the world.