Meet IngramSpark’s New Director Paige Allen

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Thank you for the warm welcome!

I am humbled and elated to be IngramSpark’s new director. Like many of you, my year has had ups and downs, but the height of my year has been joining the IngramSpark team and community. It’s clear to me that our indie authors and publishers empower each other and our team to make the world a more creative place. Hoping to be a catalyst for audacious innovation within the publishing industry, there is no better community to join than ours.

Robin Cutler and Team have taken IngramSpark from an idea to one of the greatest and most admired self-publishing companies. I have been fortunate to get to know Robin over the past year and work closely with her the past few weeks. Her insight on strategy and the hearts and minds of our indie authors and publishers has been invaluable.

While we have seen great success, we are hungry to do more. Our industry respects tradition but is seeking innovation. This is a critical time for the publishing industry and for IngramSpark. Make no mistake, we are headed greater places – as self-publishing evolves, we must evolve with and ahead of it. We are listening and responding to you and to market needs; actively developing and testing new features; optimizing the current IngramSpark experience with better design, reporting, and support.

Wish a Warm Welcome to Paige!

As we start a new phase of our journey together, I’m happy to share some background on myself and what inspires and motivates me.

Who is Paige Allen?

I am a Nashville native, born & bred. Like anyone else, a lot of what I do and how I think has been shaped by my inner circle – my family, friends, and my overall life experiences. I am also defined by my curiosity and my thirst for knowledge. I buy more books than I can finish. I sign up for more online tools than I can utilize. I believe if you are not learning new things, you stop doing the best of what life has to offer.

Family, curiosity, and a hunger for knowledge all define me.

What is My Professional Background?

I most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Horton Group, a web design and digital marketing agency in Nashville, TN. Prior to that, I worked as Senior Manager of Digital Content and International Communications, Customer Solutions at Asurion. Preceding Asurion, I was Digital Project Management Lead at Lonely Planet, building partnership with brands and developing digital marketing products. After nearly a decade of working in digital marketing agencies, I am eager to help authors and publishers reach their audience through IngramSpark.

“Paige brings great experience in content management, platform development and advertising. We are thrilled that she is joining IngramSpark.”

- Kelly Gallagher, Ingram VP of Content Acquisition

I have a B.A. in Public Policy Studies and Political Science from Vanderbilt University and was part of the Owen Graduate School of Management’s Accelerator Program, Business Sales & Marketing and also attended Harvard Business School’s Summer Venture and Management Program.

Fast Facts About Paige

  • Musical Anthem: Blackbird by The Beatles
  • Last Concert: Patty Griffin at the Ryman
  • Favorite Book: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • My Life Changing Moment: Seeing Michelle Obama speak and attending Brené Brown’s TEDxNashville Talk (both in 2017)
  • Something You May Not Guess About Me: I’m a trained Sweet Adelines International a cappella barbershop singer and member of Metro Nashville Chorus

Why Did I Join IngramSpark?

I am here for the same reason I think most of our publishers, authors, and creators are—to change the world through content that empowers people to do amazing things and tell a story. We have done it, we’re doing it today, and we are the team that will continue doing it.

What’s Next for Our IngramSpark Community?

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde—we need to believe in the impossible and remove the improbable.

This starts with a clarity of purpose and a sense of mission that leads us to imagine and deliver. We need to prioritize innovation around our core value of empowering indie authors and publishers. We have a set of high-value enhancements on which to focus, and with every service and feature launch going forward, we need to bring more innovation to exceed the needs of the self-publishing industry.

We sometimes underestimate what we can do individually to make things happen, but that is the essence of the indie spirit. Each of us must find purpose and meaning in our work, the best of which happens when it's not just work, but something that will improve our lives and inspire others’ stories. This is the opportunity that drives each of us at IngramSpark.

Our community and IngramSpark team have talent, resources, and perseverance and as the new Director of IngramSpark, I can’t ask for a better foundation.

Let’s build on this foundation together.


Welcome Paige to the IngramSpark Team

Paige Allen

Paige Allen is a brand and marketing strategist developing innovative channels for content delivery. She partners with companies and executives to sharpen their professional operations, define their brand identity, and engage audiences for maximum conversion. Her work and professional achievements span across various industries, included but not limited to airport technology, sports teams and facilities, as well as legal practices. Paige knows what truly drives conversions and brand engagement; she is passionate about helping people and connecting companies to their right consumer.

After nearly a decade of working within digital marketing agencies, she is excited to bring her expertise and join Ingram Content Group as the Director of IngramSpark. In addition to her extensive PR and marketing experience, Paige is a trained Sweet Adelines International a cappella barbershop singer and member of Metro Nashville Chorus.

Paige attended Vanderbilt University.