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What Are Reader Insights Reports

Thursday, August 11, 2022

If you ever dreamt of a trustworthy and accessible source for reader audience data, then consider Ingram's Reader Insights Reports.

What are Reader Insights Reports

Reader Insights Reports were developed by book publishing professionals for book publishing professionals. Whether you’re a publisher with years of experience, a marketing specialist, or a self-published author—these reports will make you a better book marketer.

Audience Data 

The research in these reports makes use of data pulled from online sources such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks along with industry-leading consumer research tools.  You need consumer data, but consumer data is complex, often confusing and contradictory. Think of the Reader Insight Reports as roadmaps that provide you with  direction. Find out which accounts to target in ads, and which hashtags to include in your content, or which media outlets to pitch, or keywords to include.  They can’t build a campaign for you, but they will focus your efforts and guide your publicity, marketing, and sales approach for each audience, saving you time and energy.

How are Reader Insight Reports Different From Other Data

What separates the data in the Reader Insights Reports from other data? Reader Insights reports consist of data derived exclusively from this proprietary pool of verified readers. Consider the reports a short-cut to the vitals you need on readers from more than 100+ audience segments.  

Each report drills down into detail on readers within each genre or topic. For example, if you’re interested in reaching Sci-Fi readers, specifically fans of Sci-fi shows like, “The Expanse”. You know that readers of Thrillers and Mysteries are also heavy podcast listeners, but which ones? Which press and websites do Kindle eBook Readers frequent most, and what keywords, phrases, and search terms does this audience use most frequently when searching online? The Reader Insight Reports are filled with stats and information that you’re looking for, and plenty of info that you didn’t realize you needed.  

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Within each report, you’ll find 4 main sections

AUDIENCE OVERVIEW – Identify your target readers DEMOGRAPHICS. Discover your audiences' gender and age breakdown, where they live, and what devices and social media platforms they use most. 

BRANDS & INFLUENCERS – Track your readers source of influence. Find the top brands, media personalities, and social profiles your readers connect with online. 

PRESS & WEBSITES – Know where your readers hang out online. Locate the top websites and media outlets your readers browse and engage with online. 

CONSUMER SEMANTICS – Monitor the keywords your readers searched. Your readers are active participants in conversations and content online. See the common terms, phrases, and topics your readers talk about and search for online. 

Written in accessible language and approximately 50-75 pages in length, each report provides a multi-dimensional view of different categories of readers. 

IngramSpark Staff

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