IngramSpark EPUB Conversion

A World of Ebook Readers Awaits


Make Your Book Available as Widely as Possible by Offering Multiple Formats!

One of the best things about working with IngramSpark is that your books, both print and ebook, can be made available to retailers, libraries, and readers worldwide from a single platform. Some readers prefer print books and physical retailers, but some prefer ebooks and online retailers, so if your print book isn’t yet available in ebook format, the time is now! 

EPUB Conversions Offered

  • Standard EPUB – a single and continuous flow of text and images that can be read on all dedicated e-readers and e‑reading apps. This is appropriate for most long form content and has the widest distribution.
  • Fixed Page Layout EPUB – a representation of the page as it was intended by the designer, reflecting the look of the original print book. This format is great for children’s books, some cookbooks, and for any book where the integrity of the design of the print version must be maintained. This format has limited distribution.

How It Works

  1. Visit your print file in your IngramSpark account dashboard. (Don’t have a print book with IngramSpark? Get started today!)
  2. Select “Convert to Ebook” for the title you’d like to convert
  3. Provide a new ISBN, pricing, and publication date for your new ebook format
  4. Allow up to 15 business days for conversion

For $0.60/page, you’ll receive:

  • Guaranteed e-reader compatibility at all retailers
  • Optimization for a consistent reading experience across e-readers
  • Optimization for legibility and quick download speeds
  • Relevant links for indexes, notes, and figure/table citations (for standard EPUB only)
  • Availability to major online retailers. EPUB conversions through IngramSpark are automatically distributed to retail partners, but modifications can be made after distribution.
    (Additional edits are typically made within 48 hours, but may require additional fees, depending on edits requested.)

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