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New Ingram Facility

“We have seen extraordinary growth in our operations in Australia over the last few years and this new facility will enable us to help even more publishers reach their Australian and New Zealand readers quickly and efficiently.”

Shawn Morin

CEO & President of Ingram Content Group

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Standard Color not available for at least a 6-week period starting December 4th?

To ensure that all other print formats remain unaffected during the move to our larger premises, Standard Color will need to come offline temporarily.

What happens if a retailer tries to order Standard Color during the switch off?

In most instances, retailers will have the option to order a Standard Color title in USD to be supplied by the US, provided the title is priced in USD.

What happens if I place Publisher Direct orders while Standard Color is off?

A Publisher Direct order will be placed on hold during the Standard Color switch off. It will be released when Standard Color becomes available in Australia again, after the new printers have been set up.

What happens when Standard Color comes back online?

Retailers will see additional information in their feeds. Title ordering in Australia will essentially be back to “business as usual”

What does this mean to me, as a publisher?

With additional operational capability Ingram will be able to better service the exceptional growth we’ve seen in the region.

What do I need to do?

Ingram Content Group is managing all operational changes during the transition. However, to continue capturing sales during this period of change we encourage all publishers to price their titles in AUD and USD. If you are not sure how to add pricing to your titles, your account manager or a customer service representative will be happy to help.

Where will the new facility be located?

The new facility is at 76 Discovery Rd, Dandenong South, Victoria 3175, Australia

“As Australia and New Zealand retailers continue to look for opportunities to serve their consumers in a more efficient manner, we hope our expanded growth of our print-on-demand facility will help support their need for faster fulfillment to this portion of the world.”

Shawn Everson

Chief Commercial Office ICG

Australia Move Updates


11 JANUARY 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have now completed the move to our new Australian facility. Consequently, we have resumed production of Standard Color and Standard Color 70 formats. These book types are once again available for publisher direct and wholesale orders.

All other product lines–paperback, hardback, premium color, and black & white–remained in production throughout the move and are therefore unaffected by this announcement.


We are currently in the process of moving to our new facility in Australia. While all measures are being taken to minimise disruption, you may experience some delays to our normal Service Levels for a short period.


With restrictions easing we now expect to begin moving safely in the coming weeks.

What This Means for You

  • We expect Standard and Standard 70 printing to be unavailable for approximately six weeks from 4th December*.
  • 26th November will be the last day to order Standard Color titles from the Australia site before printing ceases on 4th December.
  • All other product lines – paperback, hardback, premium color, and black & white – will remain available throughout the move.
  • We encourage all publishers to place their required orders now to avoid disappointment.

10 September 2020

Due to COVID-19 and subsequent restrictions in the Australia-New Zealand region, we are delaying our move to the new, custom-built facility in Melbourne. Until the move begins, Standard Color continues to be supported.

What This Means for You

You can continue ordering Standard and Standard 70 color until further notice. We will be sure to provide as much advance notice on new move dates as possible

All other product lines – paperback, hardback, premium color, and black & white – will remain available throughout the move.

*COVID 19 may change our plan but this is as things currently stand in the Australian market. If things change, we’ll let you know.