Need to Transfer a Book?

If you'd like to transfer one or more books to your IngramSpark account, you'll need to provide required information in the form below.

BEFORE SUBMITTING: Please review all information on this page as it directly impacts your book transfer.

title transfer illustration

Transfers from CreateSpace/KDP

No Need for Transfer:

  • If your book is currently available through KDP but has never been in their Expanded Distribution program, you may upload your book as a new title to IngramSpark without submitting the form on this page. You can read more about title setup here.
  • If you used a free ISBN from KDP or if your book is KDP Exclusive (meaning only sold via Amazon), it cannot be transferred with its current ISBN. You will need to set up your book as a new title in your IngramSpark account with a new ISBN.

Available for Transfer:

  • Fill out the form on this page if you provided your own ISBN to publish your book with KDP and have removed KDP Expanded Distribution. Once KDP confirms the transfer with IngramSpark's Support Team, we can transfer it to your IngramSpark account.

Transfers within Lightning Source/IngramSpark Accounts

  • Once you submit the form on this page, we will reach out to the publisher who currently possesses the book to ask for written permission that the book, files, and ISBN can be transferred to your account.


  • Your account setup must be complete before we can complete a transfer.
  • Once a book is transferred to your IngramSpark account, you are responsible for the book moving forward. This includes invoices, returns, and compensation payments for sales through Ingram’s retail channels.
  • When we transfer an ISBN from one account to another, the pricing and returns information also transfer. This means if the book was listed as returnable, you will be responsible for any returns and the fees associated with those returns. If the return status is changed from returnable to non-returnable, returns will still be allowed for 180 days from the date the change took place. To avoid returns for a book that was listed as returnable with a prior publisher, it is best to obtain a new ISBN and set it up as a new title in your IngramSpark account. You can read more about returns here.
  • Title transfers take approximately 30 days. We will notify you when your title transfer has been completed.
  • The sales and return history that occur prior to the transfer will not be visible to you from your IngramSpark account.
  • Once the transferred book is in your account, you will have the ability to update metadata, submit new files, and make revisions to the files.
  • If you decide not to transfer a title and need a new ISBN to complete your title setup, IngramSpark now offers free ISBNs to authors/publishers located in the United States with the following stipulations:
    • The imprint will be listed as Indy Pub
    • ISBN cannot be transferred to another account in the future, similarly to an ISBN you got for free from KDP cannot be transferred to IngramSpark
    • ISBN cannot be used on any other publishing platforms (KDP, Blurb, Bookbaby, etc.)
    • If you use a free ISBN and later decide you want to own the ISBN, you will have to set up the book as a new title and purchase a different ISBN for the book
    • Pricing for at least one market is required and the book will be available for sale through each market for which pricing is provided
    • Any title with a free ISBN must be placed in our wholesale distribution program