Have you heard? There’s an IngramSpark podcast: Go Publish Yourself®

Join us as we explore trending topics, discuss publishing industry news, and share expertise on how to self-publish a book successfully.

IngramSpark’s Director, Robin Cutler, and Manager of IngramSpark’s Author Acquisition Program, Justine Bylo, will be joined by experts throughout essential fields in the publishing industry to provide you with self-publishing resources in a new format. These short episodes are an easy way to gain quick insights for how to self-publish.

Go Publish Yourself: An IngramSpark Podcast

Ep. 01: How Did Ingram Get Its Start?

Join us as we discuss with John Ingram how it all began and how indie publishers play a pivotal role in the larger Ingram mix.

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Ep. 02: Global Book Distribution for Indie Publishers

Join us as we discuss how indie publishers can reach readers worldwide with global book distribution.

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Ep. 03: How to Self-Publish: FAQs and Self-Publishing Tips

Join us as we discuss what authors and indie publishers ask us most frequently about the self-publishing process.

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Ep. 04: Finding Your Author Community

Join us as we discuss how and where to find your author community.

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Ep. 05: Tips and Technology: How to Self-Publish Like a Pro

Join us as we discuss how to employ technology and other best practices to publish professionally.

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Ep. 06: How to Sell a Book to Independent Bookstores

Join us as we discuss what your indie book needs in order to find its way onto indie bookstore shelves.

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Ep. 07: Tips to Create Book Cover & Interior Files

Join us as we discuss cover and interior file requirements for self-published books.

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Ep. 08: Book Marketing Tips

Join us as we share tips to book marketing and promotion to help you sell your book.

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Ep. 09: Author Speaking to Increase Book Sales

Join us as we share author speaking tips to help you sell more books.

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Ep. 10: Professionalism in Self-Publishing

Join us as we discuss how to be a professional self-publisher with Joanna Penn.

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Ep. 11: Writing Inspiration

Join us as we discuss writing tips to help you finish writing your book.

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Ep. 12: Embracing Change in the Publishing Industry

Join us as we discuss the necessity of adaptation in the publishing industry with Ingram CEO Shawn Morin.

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