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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating, Editing, and Sharing Links

   Can I view the link my readers will see before I send it out?

Yes. Select “View Link” in the action dropdown menu on the “Link History” page to see to your product page. From there, you can copy the url after link creation and paste it into your browser, or you can scan the QR code with your phone.

   Can readers view pages inside the book before they purchase it?

We currently don’t offer previews of books.

   Is there a maximum number of active links I can have?

No. You can have as many links for a book as you like.

   Can I sell more than one book in a link?

No. You can only sell one book per link.

   Can I control the number of books sold through the link?

Yes. You select the number of books to be sold through the link and limit the number of books sold per order. There is a limit of 100 books per order.

   Can I share this link with readers outside of the U.S.?

Customers with a non-US ship-to address will be unable to order books via your Share & Sell link. At present, we are only able to ship to the 50 U.S. states (no territories).

   Can I edit an existing link?

Yes. Click the pencil icon next to the link you’d like to edit on the “Link History” page. You will be presented with a screen to change the details of your link. This will update links you’ve already shared, so there is no need to update pages where your links are live.

   Can I delete an existing link?

Yes. Customers will no longer be able to order the book via that link and the details will be removed from your link history.

   Can I reactivate an old link?

No. Once you cancel a link in the action dropdown menu, you will need to create a new link to share with your readers.

   Can I send my readers a Share & Sell link if my book isn’t enabled for distribution?

You can create Share & Sell links for non-distributed titles, but you’ll need to set a purchase price when creating your link. You’ll want to provide a book description which will show on your product page and save to your metadata. If your book has been restricted from distribution, your book is not eligible to be sold via Share & Sell link.

   If I upload a revision to the book, will my book still be available for sale through the link?

Your link will be inactive from the time you submit your revision until the time you approve your revision. If you're changing the price of your book, you may want to consider updating the list price of your book as well, as this will affect your compensation per book. The ordering page for your book will ask readers to “come back later.”

   Why don’t I see e-commerce when I log into my IngramSpark account?

This offering is currently in beta testing and only available for a small group of IngramSpark publishers.

Pricing Your Books

   Can I offer a discount to my customers?

Yes. You can sell your book at a discounted price. The minimum purchase price is the print cost of your book plus an applicable e-commerce print surcharge.

   Can I offer my book for free?

No. The minimum purchase price you can set for your book is the print cost of your book plus an applicable e-commerce print surcharge.

   Can I sell my book at a higher price than the list price?

Yes. We recommend that you follow best practices and maintain a purchase price that is similar to other books in your genre, category, or format. The maximum purchase price you can set is $124.99.

Sales Reporting

   Will I be notified when an order is received?

You will not receive a notification when an order is placed for your books, but you will be able to see the number of units sold and country location for these transactions in the reporting suite.

   Where can I see my sales?

You will be able to view e-commerce sales in the sales reporting suite in your IngramSpark account. The compensation page will show paid and unpaid earnings for e-commerce sales.

   How much will you charge me if someone orders my book through a link?

You will be charged the print cost of your book plus an applicable e-commerce print surcharge per unit, which is added to the list price when setting up your link.

   When will I get paid for books sold through a Share & Sell link?

You will receive sales compensation 90 days from the end of the month in which the book was sold.

   Can I see my reader’s information?

Due to privacy regulations, we are unable to share personally identifiable consumer data such as name, email, or shipping address. You can see the number of units sold and country location for completed transactions.

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