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From book editing to marketing and book reviews, these cool companies are happy to work with IngramSpark publishers to take your book to the next level of professional quality — many at special discounts!

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Audiobook Production

After several years of solid increases in audiobook sales, publishers are taking steps to cash in. If you’re considering an audiobook, here's who you should speak with.

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Author Website

An author website is the hub for all of your book and author news. It's where you link all of your book promotion and how you connect with your fans. If you don't have one; the time is now!

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Book Cover Design

Few aspects of your book make it stand out from the rest, for better or worse, than your book cover design. Your book cover is an opportunity to deliver a good first impression while screaming, “Pick me!” If this isn't your area of expertise, it's best to let a professional book designer help.

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Book Editing

One of the most difficult parts of self-publishing can be book editing and proofing. The value of professional book editing cannot be stressed enough. These book editing services can help free your book of errors that interrupt the reading experience.

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Book Marketing & Publicity

Need help getting the word out about your self-published book? Maybe you’re looking for some assistance with your social media marketing? Possibly looking for help getting media coverage? Look no further, the help you need is here.

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Book Reviews

One of the most powerful book marketing tools in your indie publishing tool belt is the highly-revered book review. A well-placed book review can do wonders for your book’s reception, not only with sellers, but readers as well.

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Not only is your book your content, it's also your intellectual property. Protect yourself from those who might use your work without your permission.

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Ebook Conversion

Reach an entire world of new readers by offering your print book in an ebook format! Get help converting your book, by letting experts at IngramSpark do it for you so that your book meets IngramSpark's file requirements.

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Full Service Publishing

Much like IngramSpark, it’s nice to have all the self-publishing tools you need for the book publishing process under one roof. These full-service experts deliver exactly what you need in book editing and book design services.

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Interior Book Design

Producing a flawless interior book design takes technical prowess not all authors have mastered. Professional interior book design ensures your book meets necessary standards and lets the world know you're no amateur.

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Translation Services

Translating your book into a new language gives you the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of new readers. Hiring a professional translator helps ensure high-quality translations by staying true to the original tone, message, and structure of your book.

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