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IngramSpark Shareable Purchase Links

Sell your book directly to readers by creating shareable purchase links for your books. Upload your book to your IngramSpark account and create links that you can share on your social media accounts, author website, and more!

*only available for US-based accounts

How Does it Work?

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Choose the book you’d like to sell and create your links 

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Set the purchase price for your books 

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Set limitations for purchases, such as how long you’d like your books to be on sale 

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Share and sell your book!

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How Can I Use the Links?

You can share your links as a standard URL, a QR code, or an HTML code. When readers click the link, they’ll be taken to a designed product page specific to your book.   

Use shareable purchase links to offer discounts to friends and family, run promotions, or sell your book at events. Readers purchase your book, we ship, and you get paid. The best part? Even at discounted prices, you can earn more on each book you sell. Check out our FAQs to learn more. 

  1. Use standard URL links to link readers directly to your book listing. Using a standard URL to sell your book is a great option to include in:
    Social Post


    Social Media Profiles/Posts



    Email Newsletters


Use a QR code that readers can scan to be taken to your book listing. Using QR codes on promotional materials for events and signings is a great option for selling your book.



Tabletop Signs





Use an HTML embed tag to add your book’s image and a buy button to a website. This looks great on your author website or reader-facing websites

Author website


Author Website



Reader-Facing Website


Earn More on Your Sales

You earn the price of your book, minus print cost and a $3.50 print surcharge fee. The reader pays the shipping and sales tax for your book.  

Let’s say the list price of your book is $16.00, but you’d like to sell it to your readers at a 25% discount. Below, you’ll see how you could offer savings to your readers while making money for yourself.  



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