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Frequently Asked Questions

   How do I set up an account?

Select Create an Account and follow the steps to create a FREE IngramSpark account.

   I need help resetting my password.

If you have forgotten your password, visit myaccount.ingramspark.com, enter the email address you use to access your account, and click the link for Forgot Your Password to reset your password. If you are unable to self-service, please email our Support team at ingramsparksupport@ingramcontent.com to receive a temporary password. For security purposes, the request must come from the email address associated with your account.

   How much does IngramSpark cost?

There is no cost to create an account and set up a new title. Current pricing for each product and service can be found here.

   What do I need to publish with IngramSpark?

You will need an IngramSpark account and your book’s cover and interior files.

You'll also need an ISBN for each format of your book if you'd like to make your book available for distribution. If you don't want your book available for sale through Ingram's global book distribution network, IngramSpark can assign a SKU to your book for printing and manufacturing purposes only. When setting up your title you can select: "Click here if you would like a non-distributable SKU to be assigned to this title."

   How do I get an ISBN?

United States publishers can purchase an ISBN from Bowker when setting up a book in their IngramSpark account. United States publishers can also receive a free ISBN, non-transferable and owned by IngramSpark, if desired, at the same stage of book setup. United States IngramSpark publishers who purchase ISBNs through their account get a special discounted rate to own their own ISBN.

We’re working to be able to offer ISBNs in Australia and the United Kingdom. We encourage you to own your own ISBN by purchasing from Thorpe-Bowker in Australia, Neilsen in the United Kingdom, and Raja Rammohan Roy in India. Visit the International ISBN Agency to see a full list of ISBN distributors.

   How do I set up a book in my account?

We've created an easy-to-use Print Book Set Up Guide to assist you with the process of setting up a new title. Click here to view the guide.

   Can IngramSpark help me create my files?

You are expected to submit print-ready files in accordance with the specifications outlined in our File Creation Guide. IngramSpark does not currently offer proofreading, editing, typesetting, or design services.

However, we’ve put together a list of experts who offer special discounts on their services for IngramSpark authors and publishers if you would like to hire a designer to create your files. Feel free to browse their offerings here.

You can also create print-ready files using our free Book Building Tool located within your account.

   Can I use IngramSpark and KDP/other competitors?

As long as you own your ISBN, you can set up your print book on your IngramSpark account and sell it through our global distribution network, plus you can use other printers, distributors, fulfillment services, or any companies you choose to work with. If you choose to publish your print book directly with KDP, just be sure not to select their Expanded Distribution program. For more information, click here.

   Where will my book be distributed?

If your title is enabled for wholesale distribution, IngramSpark will make your book available to its distribution channels, including our affiliate Ingram Book Group LLC (“Ingram”) who maintains one of the industry’s largest global distribution networks. Ingram sells direct to qualifying businesses and institutions only, such as bookstores, libraries, and other retailers. You can see a list of some of our distribution partners here.

   Do I have to make my books available to all Ingram partners?

With IngramSpark, you can choose to distribute just print, just electronic (ebook), or both. For print distribution, your book will be made available to all partners in the markets where you've included pricing. You may not opt out from distributing your book to specific retailers. For ebook distribution, publishers have the option of opting out of Apple and Amazon distribution (in case, for example, you already have a direct relationship with those retailers.) Your ebook, however, would still be distributed to Ingram’s other ebook retailers.

   Are my books returnable?

Historically, publishers grant booksellers the right to return unwanted or overstocked copies of books. IngramSpark allows you to designate whether or not your titles can be returned. Please note that many booksellers will not stock books that are not returnable; however, the cost of the returned books is deducted from the proceeds of your titles.

   How can I place an order?

With our digital print technology and print-on-demand services, you can order 1 printed copy of the book(s) listed in your IngramSpark account, or order thousands of copies—order only what you need, when you need it. Your book should have a "Title Available" status to be available for printing. To place an order, click the Orders tab in your account, select the book(s) you would like to order, and proceed by following the on-screen prompts. For a step-by-step walkthrough, please click here.

Note: Only you as the publisher have the ability to order books directly from IngramSpark. Your readers will need to order books through a retailer, bookstore, or directly from you, the publisher.

Customer Support


IngramSpark offers 24/7 global email support. Below, you'll find information on some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, use the form below to submit your question.