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Frequently Asked Questions

   How do I set up an account?

Select Create an Account and follow the steps to create your IngramSpark account for free today. The main things you’ll need are a valid email address, signed agreements allowing us to print and distribute your book for you, and payment information so you can pay us to print and we can pay you for your book sales.

   What do I need to publish a book with IngramSpark?

You’ll need a fully setup account (meaning you’ve completed all steps of the account setup process) and your book’s cover and interior files. Click here for file help.

You'll also need an ISBN for each format of your book if you'd like to make your book available for distribution. You can get your ISBN as you set up a title in IngramSpark. If you don't want your book available for sale through Ingram's global book distribution network, IngramSpark can assign a SKU to your book for printing and manufacturing purposes only. When setting up your title you can select: "Click here if you would like a non-distributable SKU to be assigned to this title."

   How much does IngramSpark cost?

To find the print cost of your book, use our print and ship calculator.

   What formats do my books need to be in?

For print books, you need a PDF of the cover and a separate PDF of the interior content. Learn more about print books here. Ebooks require an EPUB file of the interior content and a JPEG of the cover. Learn more about ebooks here.

   Does IngramSpark offer book editing, cover design, or marketing services?

As a printing, distribution, and publisher education resource, we don’t currently offer proofreading, editing, typesetting, or design services. However, we’ve put together a list of experts who offer special discounts on their services for IngramSpark authors and publishers. Feel free to browse their offerings here.

   How do I get an ISBN?

United States publishers can purchase an ISBN from Bowker when setting up a book in their IngramSpark account. United States publishers can also receive a free ISBN, non-transferable and owned by IngramSpark, if desired, at the same stage of book setup. United States IngramSpark publishers who purchase ISBNs through their account get a special discounted rate to own their own ISBN.

We’re working to be able to offer ISBNs in Australia and the United Kingdom but aren’t quite there yet due to different rules and regulations. We encourage you to own your own ISBN by purchasing from Thorpe-Bowker in Australia, Neilsen in the United Kingdom, and Raja Rammohan Roy in India. Visit the International ISBN Agency to see a full list of ISBN distributors.

   Do I need different ISBNs for my ebook and print book?

Yes, you need a different ISBN for each format of your book. If you have a hardcover version, a paperback version, and an ebook version of the same title, you’ll need three different ISBNs to represent them in their various formats.

   What is book metadata?

Book metadata is the descriptive detail for each format of a book (such as author, description, trim size, table of contents, etc.) Computer systems—such as Google and library databases—use metadata to match titles with inquiries. With IngramSpark, metadata input is part of the title set up process. We offer several educational resources around this critical piece of your book’s discoverability, including a free online course that you can take in under an hour!

   Where will my book be available for purchase?

IngramSpark is connected to the ordering systems of 40,000 independent and chain bookstores, libraries, and online retailers worldwide, including Apple, Kobo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bertrams, Waterstones, Booktopia, and beyond. See the full list of IngramSpark retail partners here.

   Are my books returnable?

Historically, publishers grant booksellers the right to return unwanted or overstocked copies of books. IngramSpark allows you to designate whether or not your titles can be returned. Please note that many booksellers will not stock books that are not returnable; however, the cost of the returned books is deducted from the proceeds of your titles.

   Do I have to make my books available to all Ingram partners?

With IngramSpark, you can choose to distribute just print, just electronic, or both. For electronic distribution, publishers have the option of opting out of Apple and Amazon distribution (in case, for example, you already have a direct relationship with those retailers.) Your ebook, however, would still be distributed to Ingram’s other ebook retailers.

   How does the pricing for IngramSpark compare to similar services?

IngramSpark pricing reflects our ease of use, convenience, and global reach. With IngramSpark, publishers can make their titles available to the world’s largest distribution network without having to set up accounts with individual vendors or manage updates to their titles in multiple places. Your ebook and print book titles and distribution can be managed from one place to help you make more, by spending less time.

   How is IngramSpark different than other print-on-demand vendors?

Our world leading print-on-demand capabilities give you the widest range of paper, trim sizes, bindings, hardcover, paperback, and color options. Plus, we’re backed by the world’s largest book distribution network, so not only are your titles printed in the highest quality, they’re also available to more readers worldwide.

   Is IngramSpark hiring?

IngramSpark grows larger every day and is supported by an incredible staff across sales, support, marketing, and business development. If you’re interested in working for IngramSpark, feel free to view available postings on Ingram’s Careers page.

If you’ve seen a job posting or been contacted about a job for IngramSpark that is NOT listed on the Ingram Careers page, this job or recruiter is not working with us. Please do not provide your personal information to anyone claiming to be from IngramSpark on sites such as UpWork or Telegram. Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase in bad actors pretending to be us and encourage you to file a cyber report with the FBI should you have this experience.

   How could Brexit impact my book sales?

IngramSpark has focused on supply of materials for book production and shipping books into the EU in a World Trade Organisation scenario. We've also come up with suggested actions you can take to avoid disruption to your book distribution, which you can view here.

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