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Print-on-demand publishing for self-publishers: the perfect combination of quality, quantity, and variety

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Benefits of Self-Publishing with IngramSpark

IngramSpark uses the most advanced print-on-demand technology to offer self-publishers quality books in a wide variety of print options for an affordable price.

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Cutting-Edge Quality and Durability

Indistinguishable from traditionally published books: inside and out.

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Binding & Paper Options

Perfect bound and case laminate bindings; 50 lb / 74 gsm paper in crème or white and 70 lb / 104 gsm paper in white.

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Color Printing or Black-and-White

Advanced color printing for stunning color, sharp graphics, and crisp text.

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Easily Update Files

Find a typo or get a stellar review? Easily update print-on-demand files, and newly printed books will reflect your changes.

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Book Trim Sizes Galore

One size doesn’t fit all. Pick the trim size that fits your story.

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Hardcover or Paperback

Jacketed or not; glossy, textured, or matte. We do it all.

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Fast & Efficient Shipping Worldwide

Ingram has printing facilities all over the world to get your books where they need to go with speed and reliability.

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Never Out of Stock

It’s in the name: print on demand. Your book is printed as soon as it’s ordered, and can’t be out of stock.

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No Need to Store Unsold Copies

Printing books costs money and so does storing them. With IngramSpark, books are printed as they’re ordered.

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So Many Print Book Types! How Do I Know What to Pick for My Book?

See the most popular printing options by genre

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How Much Does It Cost to Print a Book?


Print on demand is designed to give self-publishers the best value per book. The cost to print a book, or many, depends on the page count of your book and the print specifications you choose. For example: hardcover costs more to produce than paperback; color printing costs more than black-and-white; and books with more pages cost more than books with less. Use our handy calculator to determine the cost of the type of book you’d like to publish.

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What It Costs to Upload a Book with IngramSpark

Print and Ebook

$49 for Both


  • Global distribution to over 40,000 retailers & libraries
  • Availability to Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble
  • Print quality and e-reader compatibility
  • Online sales reporting
  • All managed from a single platform
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Print Book Only

$49 / Title


  • Print quality to match traditional publishers
  • Global distribution to over 40,000 retailers & libraries, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Hardcover, paperback or both
  • Variety of trim sizes, binding, paper, & color options
  • Online sales reporting
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*To be eligible for this offer, all books must meet the requirements set for in the User Guide. Free title setup not valid on previously submitted titles. View the Pricing and Services Guide.

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