The Platform

The Platform

We didn’t invent digital publishing, but we have perfected it for self-publishers looking to publish like a pro.

One of the first to be developed with input directly from publishers like you, some of the biggest names in the industry use our e-book platform. That means you share the same table with the big boys and girls.

Publishing your e-book with ingramspark

Publishing your e-book with ingramspark

If you have a book, you’re more than halfway there. If you’re still writing, look at digital publishing with IngramSpark as a sweet reprieve from expending your spent creative juices.

  1. Upload your title to the IngramSpark platform.

  2. Have you got your ePub file already? Great! Upload it to the platform. If not, we make it really easy and automatically convert it for you.

  3. Opt-in to your global markets.

  4. Your e-book is now available on every major e-book distribution channel!

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo and more.

For a more detailed explanation of ePUB conversion and file creation, check out our ePUB guidelines.


 EPUB Guidelines


A Few ingramspark Benefits

A Few ingramspark Benefits

Digital publishing with IngramSpark is designed to give you more time to do what you do best—write amazing stuff.

  • One platform to manage all of your files—print and digital.

  • At any time during the process, if you need help or have questions, a self-publishing pro is always nearby.

  • No need to deal with multiple contracts for various distributors.

  • Get access to more than 40,000 book distributors.

  • Easy distribution to more than 70 e-book retailers serving markets across the globe.

Pricing Digital Publishing

Pricing Digital Publishing

We want your book to reach as many readers as possible. Our pricing model for e-book publishing is a reflection of that.

  • e-book and print together - $49
  • e-book only - $25
  • IngramSpark EPUB conversion - $0.60 per page (Convert with IngramSpark and the $25 e-book setup fee is waived)

By diversifying your format options (which we highly recommend you do), you receive a better value per book, effectively expanding your reach.

If you're ready to take your book to the next level and score more readers, there’s no better time than now.

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