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Explore trending topics, discuss publishing industry news, and share expertise on how to self-publish a book successfully

Go Publish Yourself: An IngramSpark Podcast


Join us as we talk to experts throughout essential fields in the publishing industry to provide self-publishing tips in an on-the-go format. These short podcast episodes are an easy way to gain quick insight on how to self-publish.

Go Publish Yourself: Season One

 Ep. 01: The Self-Publishing Landscape

Discover what publishing industry trends we saw in 2017 including bestselling genres, subject matter, print vs. ebooks, and what we predict for self-publishing in 2018. Learn more after listening by downloading this free Pocket Guide to Publishing: 100 Things Authors Should Know.

 Ep. 02: Metadata Matters

No one can read your book if they can’t find it! Book metadata is what makes your book appear in online searches and tells retailers and librarians where your book belongs on their shelves. Ingram’s Director of Digital Products joins us to discuss why book metadata is so important to book discovery and book sales. Learn more after listening with our free Title Metadata Guide.

 Ep. 03: Print On Demand for Indie Authors

Print on demand has revolutionized the publishing industry by making publishing more affordable for indie authors without sacrificing variety or quality. Join us as we discuss the ways print-on-demand publishing is the perfect solution for self-publishing authors in regards to availability and efficiency. Learn more about print on demand here.

 Ep. 04: ISBNs for Self-Publishers

Your ISBN is how you sell your book, which makes it one of the most important pieces to self-publishing. Join us as we discuss the importance of ISBNs for self-publishers, including where to buy an ISBN, how many ISBNs you’ll need, and the importance of owning your ISBN yourself. Learn More.

 Ep. 05: How to Sell Your Book to Indie Bookstores

Independent bookstores are small but mighty and numerous and their recommendations hold weight with readers. Get tips for how you can get your book on their shelves as we discuss the importance of quality, content, relevance, and familiarity for this particular book distribution channel. Learn more after listening.

 Ep. 06: Ebooks vs Printed Books

Ebooks vs printed books is an often debated question within the publishing industry and among new authors. This episode discusses book formats (hardcover, paperback, ebook), popular book trim sizes, and how to pick what’s right for your book. We also cover whether the debate should be ebooks vs printed books or ebooks AND printed books. Learn more after listening.

 Ep. 07: IngramSpark vs Createspace

The most common self-publishing platform comparison is IngramSpark vs CreateSpace. This episode discusses the key differences between the two such as book formats, title setup fees, and publishing industry standards like wholesale discounts and returnable options. We also cover the option of using both at the same time. Learn more after listening.

 Ep. 08: What Does It Cost to Self-Publish

One concern for self-publishing authors is the cost associated with self-publishing a book. This episode discusses the most important investments to make in your book including book editing, book design, ISBNs, and book marketing. We also share where to find experts in the field to help you create a professional book.

 Ep. 09: How to Sell Your Book into Chain Stores

We shared in a past episode this season what it takes to get your book into independent bookstores, but what does it take to get your book into a chain store like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Target? We’ll discuss the differences and what an indie author needs to keep in mind when approaching these types of retailers, including an understanding of the corporate business model, sell sheets, availability, discounts, and a returnable status. Find out what you could earn for every sale when you enter your book specs and desired discount into our publisher compensation calculator.

 Ep. 10: Why Should I Discount My Book?

One of the main reasons authors publish books is to sell them via their favorite places like the local independent bookstore and library, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Books published via IngramSpark are distributed to all of these places, but the discount you set plays a significant role in whether or not they choose to offer your book on their shelves. We’ll discuss the type of discount you’ll want to set based on your particular sales strategy (whether physical stores or online retailers) and what that discount means for your personal orders of your book. To tap into Ingram’s distribution for your book, publish today.

 Ep. 11: How to Sell Indie Books to Libraries

Many authors focus on retail outlets for their books, but you can’t forget about libraries, which are an incredible place for the public to discover your book. Join us as we discuss how libraries make their purchasing decisions, how to approach a library as an indie author, and the importance of availability, book metadata, and reviews. Books distributed through IngramSpark are made available to libraries. Publish today.

 Ep. 12: Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

In today’s publishing landscape, self-publishing is a viable option and even helps with landing traditional publishing deals. We discuss the differences between the two routes, including how to go after a traditional publishing deal, control, financial expectations, typical sales, marketing support, formats, and determining what’s right for you. Start publishing today.

Go Publish Yourself: Spotlight 2018

 Spotlight On: Anna Todd

Anna Todd discusses how her love for fanfiction spurred her on to being an internationally bestselling author who now has a book scheduled to release as a movie in 2019. She shares how she got her start posting her books on Wattpad, the need to create when what you want to read doesn’t exist, the importance of global sales, and the surprising developments in her characters and plot from book to big screen. You can find Anna at and start your own publishing journey with IngramSpark at

 Spotlight On: Wahida Clark

New York Times bestselling author Wahida Clark shares her fascinating story of how she became an author and independent publisher from prison. She also discusses trends in the street literature genre, finding your niche, and exercising your creativity. Learn what’s possible with determination, hard work, and a little help from your friends as Wahida gives back to the community and inspires other writers to pursue their dreams with a story you won’t want to miss! You can find Wahida at and start your publishing journey with IngramSpark at

 Spotlight On: Sherrilyn Kenyon

#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon has placed more than 80 novels on the New York Times Best Seller List! Listen in as she talks about rejection, life experience, bestsellers, the evolution of ebooks, and the freedom of self-publishing versus traditional publishing. She also reveals how her kids use her celebrity and her favorite fan encounter. You can find Sherrilyn at and start your own publishing journey at IngramSpark:

 Spotlight On: Ellie Marney

Ellie Marney talks YA, eavesdropping on teens, and how she got the title of one of the most borrowed books in Australian libraries. She reveals what she thinks are the most important ways to reach teenage readers including: variety in subject matter, formats, and availability, and also what she loves most about indie publishing. You can find Ellie at and share your books with libraries when you publish with IngramSpark:

 Spotlight On: Carrie Ann Ryan

Bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance Carrie Ann Ryan discusses her career as an independent publisher and offers tips for how to handle the business side of publishing and the constant changes in the industry. She also shares a little relationship advice for men, tips for keeping your author platform engaging for readers, and what she thinks will be big in romance in 2018! You can find Carrie Ann at and start building your own author platform at

 Spotlight On: Jason Pinter

Bestselling author and independent publisher Jason Pinter shares what he’s learned working for major traditional publishers, being an author himself, and starting an independent publishing company of his own. He covers the importance of professional editing, why he started his own company, book promotion tips, and the art of embracing the now-or-never mentality! Don’t miss his advice for authors and publishers. You can find Jason at and start your own publishing journey at

Go Publish Yourself: Season Two

 Ep. 01: How Did Ingram Get Its Start?

The intent of Ingram is to help a publisher run their business better. Hear from the man himself, John Ingram, Chairman of Ingram Content Group, on how Ingram got it’s start, how print on demand became a cornerstone of Ingram’s publishing services as a financial solution for traditional and indie publishers alike, and where John sees Ingram in the future. Every publisher wants to achieve book sales, but very few think creatively about their supply chain and their book’s connection to the market, which is where Ingram comes in. To start your publishing journey with a company that cares about your publishing success, visit

 Ep. 02: Global Book Distribution for Indie Publishers

It’s time to think beyond Amazon and your local bookstore for sales of your indie published titles. It’s a mistake to think indie publishers can’t reach a worldwide audience; you can! There’s a great wide world out there, and you never know where your readers will live, so why not make your book available to everyone? Find out all of the places Ingram can distribute your book, tips on what kinds of books tend to succeed in what countries, and how to get your book enrolled in global book distribution. Visit your IngramSpark account to update your book’s distribution today:

 Ep. 03: How to Self-Publish: FAQs and Self-Publishing Tips

Book marketing, metadata, pricing your book, discounting, ISBNs, and more. We’ve identified several questions indie publishers ask more than any others. Get answers to what inquiring self-publishers want to know to inform your book publishing from the start, and if you’re ready to publish today, visit

 Ep. 04: Finding Your Author Community

Writing can be a solitary process, but publishing isn’t! There are so many opportunities for authors to connect with and support one another, share what’s worked or hasn’t worked, and receive advice from industry experts. We’ll discuss a few places you can find author support: writing communities, booksellers and librarians, conferences, associations, social media, and IngramSpark’s own Community. For more publishing support, check out the IngramSpark Academy of free online publishing courses:

 Ep. 05: Tips and Technology: How to Self-Publish Like a Pro

The beauty of technology is that it helps you craft, finalize, publish, print, and distribute your book. Book publishing and self-publishing is a business, and when time and budget are limited, it’s helpful for independent publishers to enlist technology and industry experts for help. Learn how to self-publish like a pro and if you’re ready to publish today, create an account with IngramSpark at:

 Ep. 06: How to Sell a Book to Independent Bookstores

If you’re trying to share your book with as many readers as possible, don’t forget your local independent bookstores! On this episode, we talk to indie bookseller and store co-owner Karen Hayes about what your book needs in order to be considered for this sales channel. Get a better understanding of wholesale discounts, trade standards, returns, and hear how bookstores achieve success by understanding their local communities, something you also need to do when pitching your book to bookstores! Publish with IngramSpark today for access to more distribution channels, like indie bookstores:

 Ep. 07: Tips to Create Book Cover & Interior Files

Did you know there are actual human beings reviewing your book cover and interior files at IngramSpark? We’re sharing tips on how to create your book files, including file recommendations, free tools, and discounts with book design experts to help you get your files just right! All of the book design tips shared here are to make your book look professional and create a more enjoyable reading experience for readers worldwide. To upload your book with IngramSpark, visit

 Ep. 08: Book Marketing Tips

The number one rule of book marketing is understanding your audience. Until you know who your audience is and where they hang out, you can’t begin to market your book effectively. We discuss this as well as author websites, author branding, advertising, author events, book reviews, and more. If you don’t yet have a book to market, publish today with IngramSpark at

 Ep. 09: Author Speaking to Increase Book Sales

As a published author, you become an expert on your book’s subject matter. Get tips on how to use your book to position yourself as an author expert, get involved in author speaking, and generate book sales. We’ll also discuss how to embrace your personal style, how to land speaking engagements, pick the perfect book excerpt to read at events, and build your author platform. Haven’t published your book yet? Create an account with IngramSpark to get started:

 Ep. 10: Professionalism in Self-Publishing

Get tips from IngramSpark, a professional self-publishing platform, and Joanna Penn, professional publisher and entrepreneur of The Creative Penn. We’re discussing tips that help you set yourself up for success when you choose to self-publish a book, including: mindset, product, book distribution, book marketing, relationships, and education. Never miss an opportunity to put your best foot forward. To get started after listening, create an account with IngramSpark:

 Ep. 11: Writing Inspiration

Get writing tips from the Executive Director of NaNoWriMo, Grant Faulkner. We’re discussing how to embrace your inner creativity, build community and accountability, and develop goals to help you finish writing your story! Check out NaNoWriMo to participate in November’s writing challenge, and get free title setup once you finish your book and visit

 Ep. 12: Embracing Change in the Publishing Industry

The publishing industry is in a constant state of change, of which self-publishing is now a major player. Similarly, IngramSpark has become a vital piece of the greater Ingram whole. Find out how Ingram is adapting in order to stay ahead of the curve of industry changes to benefit all branches of the publishing community including: publishers, booksellers, and librarians. Start publishing today at

Go Publish Yourself: Season Three

 Ep. 01: Self-Publishing Trends 2018-2019

Whether you're beginning a new novel, writing a book marketing plan for an existing title, or in the final stages of your self-publishing journey, now is the time to examine the self-publishing landscape at the conclusion of 2018 and prepare accordingly for 2019. Robin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark, and Justine Bylo, Author Acquisitions Manager for IngramSpark, are back to discuss 2018’s popular book trends—reviewing politics, poetry, sassy self-help, and more. Learn how these trends affect self-publishing and start publishing today at

 Ep. 02: Digital Book Marketing with Stephanie Chandler

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and it’s important for self-published authors to stay on top of the latest marketing trends. In this week's episode, Stephanie Chandler joins us to discuss the foundations of digital book marketing. From author blogging and social media marketing to presale strategies and beta readers, this episode is one you won’t want to miss. After the episode, take your book marketing knowledge further with IngramSpark’s free self-publishing course, How to Build an Author Platform:

 Ep. 03: Author Income with Orna Ross

Setting realistic financial goals can be difficult for new and even seasoned authors, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to consider all the options to maximize your income—and there’s more than you may think! Orna Ross (Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors) joins Robin Cutler (Director of IngramSpark) to discuss seven ways to earn additional author income. Online courses, membership models, and affiliate programs are just a few of the ideas you’ll hear more about today. Learn how to make a living as an author and publish with IngramSpark today!

 Ep. 04: Book Copyright FAQs with Helen Sedwick

“Is my first draft protected by copyright?” “How long does copyright last?” “Can I use song lyrics in my book?” These are just a few book copyright questions that legal expert Helen Sedwick answers in this informative episode of Go Publish Yourself. With copyright, you have the right to decide how your book is published, how it’s derived into a different work, what translations are made, and more. Learn how to protect your writing and publish today with IngramSpark!

 Ep. 05: Types of Book Editing with Natasa Lekic

Your favorite authors probably all have one thing in common: they worked with a book editor. Editing your book is an important step in the self-publishing process, but it can sometimes be overlooked. Today, IngramSpark is joined by the founder of New York Book Editors, Natasa Lekic, to learn about the importance of a professional editor in the book publishing process. You’ll learn how to find the right editor for your book—and how the author/editor relationship works! Then we’ll dive into the different types of book editing, from critiques and comprehensive edits down to copyediting and proofreading. Once you've made it through the final steps of the editorial process, you’re one step closer to your dream of self-publishing a book. Publish today with IngramSpark:

 Ep. 06: Book Marketing While Writing with Rick Lite

Book marketing can seem like a daunting task when you wait until you’re done writing to start. On today’s episode, we’re discussing how to set realistic publishing goals and expectations at the beginning of the book marketing process, using marketing to overcome writer’s block, and understanding that marketing is a long game versus a one-and-done mentality in order to achieve a successful book launch. For more book marketing advice, check out the free online publishing course, How to Build an Author Platform:

 Ep. 07: Professional Book Reviews with Patti Thorn

When it comes to soliciting book reviews for a self-published book, where do you even start? Patti Thorn, managing partner at Blue Ink Review, joins Robin Cutler and Justine Bylo on the podcast this week to discuss the difference between non fee-based (crowdsourced) and fee-based (professional) reviews. Before submitting a book to be professionally reviewed, it’s important to make sure that your manuscript is in top shape; and after you receive reviews, it’s important to know what to do with them! Learn more about book review submissions, the value of professional book reviews for self-published books, and how to incorporate reviews into your book marketing strategy. If you don’t yet have a book to review, create an account with IngramSpark and publish your book today!

 Ep. 08: Publishing a Book to Grow Your Business with Alex Fullerton

Most people assume that it takes a special kind of person to publish a book—that you must be a passionate writer who stays up at night dreaming about plot twists, character motivations, arcs, etc. But what about publishing a book to grow your business? Self-publishing has made publishing a book more accessible than ever, and business professionals have taken notice. Alex Fullerton joins Robin Cutler to discuss how she works with business people to create concise, compelling, and comprehensive books that complement their business and increase their professional standing. Learn how publishing a book makes sense for your business and publish like a pro with IngramSpark today:

 Ep. 09: Indie Book Promotion Timeline with Fauzia Burke

All your promotional strategies should be leading up to the ultimate moment: your book launch. Book promotion is a two-step approach, and it should be looked at from both a long-term and a short-term perspective. Long-term marketing involves building your author platform and brand, and it starts well in advance of short-term marketing, which is the actual promotion of your book. Fauzia Burke joins Robin Cutler to break down the specifics of the book promotion timeline, and help you understand where (and when) to start marketing your book. Do you know if you’re in the long-term or short-term marketing stage? Listen to find out, and for more book marketing advice, check out IngramSpark's free online publishing course,  How to Build an Author Platform:

 Ep. 10: The Reality of Selling to Bookstores and Libraries with Amy Collins

“How do I get my book into independent bookstores?” “How do I get my book into libraries?” “How do I get my book into Target or Costco?” “How do I get my book into airports?” We hear these questions from authors every day, but the answer to each is different. All of these sales channels have different criteria that they look for when they select books, and it’s important to understand how AND why they differ. To encourage different stores and libraries to buy your book, you need to understand their motivations. Who are they serving, and what do they care about most? Book sales and marketing expert, Amy Collins, joins Robin Cutler and Justine Bylo to conclude Season 3 of the Go Publish Yourself Podcast. In this final episode, we discuss the nuances between sales channels, and how to give your self-published book the best chance of reaching readers. Listen, learn, and go publish yourself!

Go Publish Yourself: Spotlight 2019

 Spotlight on: Adam Croft

Go Publish Yourself is back for the 2019 Author Spotlight Series! Justine Bylo kicks off the season with Adam Croft, international bestselling writer of crime fiction. Tune in to hear how Adam's previous career in marketing influenced how he markets his self-published books, and how he's found success through self-publishing. A champion for indie publishing, Adam shares some advice for publishing with an international mindset and for choosing a "hook" for your book—listen, learn, and visit if you're ready to publish today: .

 Spotlight on: Rebecca Donovan

Rebecca Donovan had a successful career as a wedding and events planner when she realized she had a story that she needed to share. The bestselling YA author of the highly acclaimed Young Adult trilogy The Breathing Series and the recently released Cursed Series, Rebecca joins Justine to chat about writing inspiration. Learn how she finds new ideas for stories, and why she strives to create characters that promote female empowerment. You can find Rebecca at and start your own publishing journey with IngramSpark today:

 Spotlight on: Crystal Swain-Bates

How did Crystal Swain-Bates go from a successful career in the CIA to a full-time children's books author? After seeing the lack of diversity in the children's book market, she decided to do something about it. In today's episode of the Author Spotlight, bestselling children's book author Crystal Swain-Bates shares how she made the transition from working a government job to owning her own publishing company, Goldest Karat Publishing. Hear more about how Crystal has created stories for children of all backgrounds to enjoy, and why she'll never tire of hearing "Mommy, that little girl looks like me!" You can find Crystal at and share your story with the world by publishing with IngramSpark today:

 Spotlight on: Mike Sacks

The bestselling comedy author of Stinker Lets Loose, Randy, and more, Mike sits down with Justine to discuss how publishing comedy differs from other genres. Having experience with traditional publishing, his perspective allows him to share just how self-publishing gives comedians more control with their writing. If you have a unique idea for a comedy book, this is an episode you won't want to miss. You can find Mike at and start your own publishing journey with IngramSpark today:

 Spotlight on: Julie Kenner

When Julie Kenner's friend handed her a romance novel to read, she didn't know how life-changing that moment would ultimately be. Tune in for the season finale of the Author Spotlight to hear how Julie finds inspiration for her characters, the impact of Fifty Shades of Grey on the romance genre, and how you can make a living as a full-time romance author. You can find Julie at and publish your romance novel with IngramSpark today:

Go Publish Yourself: Season Four

 Ep. 01: Top 11 Self-Publishing Mistakes

Robin Cutler and Justine Bylo are back for Season 4 of Go Publish Yourself! Tune in to find out if you’ve made any of the top self-publishing mistakes—from choosing the wrong book title to failing to be “social” on social media.

This episode is sponsored by Writer’s Digest, a comprehensive resource for professional and aspiring writers of all media, genres, and skill levels.

 Ep. 02: Author Websites: A Conversation with the Founder of Pub Site

Web design expert, John Burke, joins Robin Cutler to discuss author websites. Does an author need a website? How can you use your website to market your book? What all should you put on your author website? Tune in to learn more.

This episode is sponsored by The Hot Sheet, a publishing industry e-newsletter, delivering context and analysis on issues affecting authors today. Sign up for a free 30-day trial at

 Ep. 03: The Business of Publishing with Brooke Warner

What does a traditional publisher do and how do they decide what to publish? What's the difference between indie, hybrid, and traditional publishing? Brooke Warner dives into the business of publishing in this informative, educational episode.

This episode is sponsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association, the largest publishing trade association in the U.S. Learn more about IBPA’s free 3-month trial membership for IngramSpark publishers.

 Ep. 04: How to Get Your Book Noticed by the Media with Zach Obront

Media attention is necessary to grow awareness for indie books, but most authors are confused about the process. Where do you go to find the best media outlets for your book? What exactly does a book publicist do? How much does hiring a PR firm cost, and is there a benefit to hiring more than one? Zach Obront, PR expert and co-founder of Scribe Media, sits down with Robin Cutler to chat about how to get your book noticed.

This episode is sponsored by Poets & Writers, the creative writer's trusted companion since 1970. Visit for carefully curated resources for writers, including hundreds of writing contest deadlines, weekly writing prompts, and more.

 Ep. 05: Self-Publishing in Australia: The Down Low on the Down Under

Self-publishing in Australia is on the rise! How can you connect to this local community? What’s the book publishing market like there? In this exciting episode, Robin Cutler is joined by Debbie Lee, a Senior Leader with IngramSpark Australia, and Tim Colonel, General Manager of the Small Press Network. Learn more about events, associations, and resources available to the indie publishing community in Australia.

This episode is sponsored by Ebook Launch, offering affordable, professional book cover design services for any genre. Order your book cover at and see your ideas come to life.

 Ep. 06: Bill Samuel's Story: Going from Bookselling to Indie Publishing

In the final episode of Season 4, Robin Cutler is joined by Bill Samuel, indie author and member of the Foyle bookselling family, who founded the world-renowned Foyles bookstore in the UK. He shares his unique perspective from both sides of publishing: as a bookseller and a book publisher. Robin and Bill discuss the state of bookselling in the UK, and the important lessons Bill learned as a self-published author.

This episode is sponsored by The Alliance of Independent Authors, a non-profit professional association, offering collaboration, advice, and advocacy for authors who self-publish.

Go Publish Yourself: Season Five

 Ep. 01: Book Publishing in the Time of COVID

Robin and Justine are back with Season 5 of Go Publish Yourself! In this episode, our hosts discuss major shifts in book publishing trends as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen today to get tips for selling your books directly, find out which genres that are currently selling well in the market, and discover ways to plan ahead for book sales in an uncertain economy.

 Ep. 02: Making the Most of Direct Book Sales with John Peragine

Join Robin and Justine in an informative chat with John Peragine, author of 14 books and ghostwriter of over 100 others, to learn more about the advantages of selling books directly. In this episode, John lends his expertise to discuss direct selling tools, book clubs, and reader magnets. He sheds light on the latest tools and technology for self-published authors and shares unique ways for self-published authors to create licensing opportunities for their books.

This episode is especially important for authors to learn how to keep momentum going for their books, even as the global supply chain is affected by COVID-19. Listen today and to learn more about global book distribution with IngramSpark, visit

 Ep. 03: Wide Distribution Matters: A Conversation with Erin Wright

Bestselling author Erin Wright joins us this week to discuss the benefits of wide distribution in ebook publishing and why she left Kindle Unlimited to publish with IngramSpark. As a former librarian, Erin sheds light on the importance of libraries for book sales and the revenue potential available for authors who choose to go wide! To learn more about wide distribution with IngramSpark, visit

This episode is sponsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association. IBPA is the largest publishing trade association in the U.S., leading the indie publishing community through advocacy, education, and tools for success. IBPA offers a free 3-month trial membership for IngramSpark publishers. Visit to find out more.

 Ep. 04: The State of Bookselling with Josh Floyd

Join Robin and Justine in an eye-opening conversation about the state of bookselling with Josh Floyd, the Business Development Manager for IngramSpark. In this episode, Josh discusses the impact of COVID-19 on bookstores and what that means for independent authors. Find out more about how bookstores and libraries work with IngramSpark and what you can do to get your book noticed!

To learn more about how to self-publish a book and make it available to bookstores worldwide, visit

 Ep. 05: Highlighting Diverse Authors with Deon McAdoo

It's never been more important to highlight diversity in publishing. This week, Robin and Justine sit down with Deon McAdoo, a sales specialist at IngramSpark, to talk about IngramSpark's efforts to highlight multicultural authors.

You can shop IngramSpark's curated list of diverse and multicultural indie titles on Bookshop or Amazon. If you feel your IngramSpark book honors diversity in publishing, please contact Deon at for list consideration.

 Ep. 06: Finding Motivation to Write During COVID

Many authors are finding it difficult to focus on writing in the midst of the global pandemic. Grant Faulkner, Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), chats with Robin and Justine about how writers are finding creative ways to ease their anxiety, stay motivated, and set realistic writing goals.

Listen today and sign up for IngramSpark's 30-Day Writing Challenge at

 Ep. 07: Podcasting for Authors: Tips from Barrett Newsome

Interested in starting a podcast to reach more readers? Tune in to hear from Barrett Newsome, host of the wildly popular She & I Podcast, in a lively conversation covering everything you need to know to start your own podcast. Find out why authors should consider podcasting, the tools you need to record podcast episodes, how to attract listeners to your podcast, and more!

For more tips on building your author brand, sign up for IngramSpark's free online course: How to Build an Author Platform.

 Ep. 08: Book Marketing Success Formula with Fauzia Burke

Fauzia Burke, Founder of FSB Associates, has dedicated her career to mastering online marketing for authors. On today's episode, Fauzia discusses her secret formula for book marketing: Design + Engagement + Visibility = Success. Tune in to hear more about the latest trends in online marketing, social media, video promotion, and more.

To find more ways to market your book, download IngramSpark's 21-Day Marketing Challenge.

 Ep. 09: Indie Publishing 101 with John Koehler

Interested in starting your self-publishing journey? Join Robin and Justine in an informative chat with indie publishing expert and author of the Pocket Guide to Publishing, John Koehler.

This episode is sponsored by Writer’s Digest, a comprehensive resource for professional and aspiring writers of all media, genres, and skill levels, helping ignite writers’ creative vision for 100 years. Learn more about the Writer's Digest self-publishing competitions at

 Ep. 10: Self-Publishing Q&A with Robin & Justine

In the final episode of Season 5, Robin and Justine answer questions from listeners around the world. Tune in to find out answers to commonly asked questions including:

  • How can I get book editing and cover design for my book?
  • Is book translation a good idea?
  • Can I publish on both IngramSpark and Amazon?
  • And more!

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