Self-Publishing Podcast

Ep. 03: Print On Demand for Indie Authors

Written by IngramSpark Staff | Jan 10, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Print on demand has revolutionized the publishing industry by making publishing more affordable for indie authors without sacrificing variety or quality. Learn more about print on demand here after listening.

Join us as we discuss the ways print-on-demand publishing is the perfect solution for self-publishing authors in regards to availability and efficiency. Print on demand offers a variety of options in terms of trim sizes, color printing, format, and binding options. It makes it so that authors only pay to print copies that have already been purchased, eliminating the need for a full garage or rented warehouse space of unsold inventory. It also makes it so that if you have a change to your book's cover or interior, you don't have to recycle a bunch of already printed copies you can no longer sell; you can simply update your file and every copy sold and printed thereafter will reflect the change. We cover these topics and more on this episode of Go Publish Yourself!