Global Book Distribution

See your title on the Amazon Kindle store or Apple’s iBookstore, made available to readers worldwide. Imagine your book on the shelves of a local bookshop in the U.K. Consider a college student in Sydney finding your book on Chegg to help them ace an upcoming exam.

All this is made possible through one dedicated and reliable print and digital book distribution partner.

Your Book Around the World

It helps to have friends. And we welcome you to join in our circle. When you self-publish with IngramSpark, you are plugged in to one of the industry’s largest global distribution networks covering:

  • Independent bookstores
  • Online stores
  • Big chains
  • Little chains
  • e-book retailers
  • Local niche retailers
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • And just about anyone on the planet who sells (or is even thinking about selling) a book in any format.

Not only do we provide access to a huge global network, but we do it in a way that gives you more market coverage with less work and at a lower cost.

  • Access to over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools and universities—online and in stores
  • Safe, fast, and reliable direct shipping and global delivery
  • Complete professional management of global distribution for your print and e-books