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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2019 is the year of exciting improvements to the IngramSpark website! We have a lot of things in store to help you get the information you need faster and more successfully manage your books' upload, distribution, and beyond. Read on to learn what's newly available today and what's still to come!

The self-publishing industry is continually growing and developing and so are our self-publishing services and IngramSpark publishers. We couldn't be more excited to introduce improvements to the IngramSpark platform this year that make book industry best practices easier to understand and apply to your own publishing. We're constantly creating free education to help indie authors and publishers publish successfully via this weekly blog, our podcast, and online self-publishing courses, but now, we're making the information you need even more accessible through your IngramSpark account dashboard.

The New IngramSpark Layout

Available today within your IngramSpark account is a new layout that features a couple of structural updates. These updates won't affect how you do business, but they lay an important foundation for future improvements. You'll notice three main differences in the new layout:

  • The main menu has shifted to the left side of your account dashboard versus the top
  • Your account information has moved into the top right corner, like many websites you log into
  • And you now have the ability to see if you're subscribed to email communications from IngramSpark 


Watch This Quick Video for a Walkthrough of the New IngramSpark Layout 


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What's Next?

Improvements still to come include:

  • A more visual representation of what's available to you within your IngramSpark dashboard
  • An updated title upload process with more clarity around the meaning behind different decisions you can make as you set up your titles
  • More educational resources when and where you need them in your dashboard
  • More visibility over additional ways to optimize your book(s)
  • Improved reporting
  • New tools and services to help you and your book(s) succeed

Let us know which update you're MOST excited about via Twitter by tagging @IngramSpark

When Will These Updates Take Place?

These kinds of improvements don't happen over night, but we're hard at work applying your feedback, recent technological advancements, and industry knowledge to our self-publishing platform and will let you know as soon as the next best thing is available!

All IngramSpark publishers will be notified by email before new updates become available, so be sure you're subscribed by selecting your "account information" in the top right corner of the new IngramSpark layout and checking your "email preferences". If you're not currently subscribed, please be sure to check the box to update your preferences so you don't miss out on any updates or tips on how to take full advantage of your IngramSpark account. We'll have helpful videos like the one above and documentation on updates so that you're well-informed. We'll be taking things one step at a time, so log in often and stay tuned!

We'll also be inviting your feedback for each update, so please be sure to let us know what you think via the feedback forms we'll provide, our social media, and the IngramSpark Community for IngramSpark publishers.

We look forward to continually building our self-publishing platform to help you publish like a professional and are looking forward to an exciting year!


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