Color Printing with IngramSpark

Cutting-edge print technology and sturdy materials ensure you never have to sacrifice quality for color.

Color Printing
  • Powered by advanced inkjet color printing technology from Lightning Source LLC.
  • Offers stunning color, sharp graphics, and crisp text all at prices comparable to black-and-white
  • Connected to a global distribution network of 40,000+ booksellers—online and around the world

You might not have superhero vision, but your color books will get you self-publishing superhero results.

Your Color Printing Options

Whether you are looking to add just a dash, or drench your book in color, we have a variety of color printing options for you to choose from, along with a smart selection of paper weights and trim sizes.

Color Options

Depending on the level of color and quality you are looking for, there are a number of ways to go.

  • Standard color—Our most economical option printed on 50 lb. and 70 lb. paper
  • Premium color—The highest quality with the most vivid color, printed on a thicker 70 lb. paper

All of our color options work well with books featuring drawings and artwork. Perfect for comics and graphic novels, ideal for children’s books. Often the choice for academic markets because it allows for inset pictures, colored text, charts and graphs, etc. You will also see an improvement with halftone images.

Find the perfect fit for color printing. Choose a color printing option or paper quality to see the available trim sizes.


Book Trim Sizes

Book type? Check! Pricing? Use our print & ship calculator to figure out your costs.