Benefits of Self-Publishing in Today's Market

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Self-aware authors know they're taking on a challenge when they choose to self-publish a book, a rewarding and exciting challenge, but a challenge nonetheless. With advancements in technology and opportunity and a lessening of the bias against self-publishing, every author now has a chance to succeed in the publishing space doing it on their own.

No Gatekeepers, Larger Margins

If you have content that you believe there’s a market for and will achieve sales, you’re perfectly capable of transforming that content into a salable product. With all of the self-publishing options available, the only one standing between you and your published book is you.

With self-publishing there are no literary agents to pitch to who reject books due to the sheer volume of manuscripts they receive and the specificity of the books they’re looking for. There's also no second round of gatekeepers, the traditional publishers. In order to garner interest from a traditional publisher, you must have a significant author platform and in many cases, commercial or mass appeal.

If your book makes it through the traditional publication process as you wrote it (meaning you’re the most brilliant author there ever was), you’ll still be seeing less of the compensation from sales than the publishing house. Traditional publishers add tremendous value to the books on their lists and deserve the paycheck. Publishing is their business, and they wouldn’t still be in business if they didn’t understand what sells and how. But making it on their lists can be difficult and may require you to hand over control and some of your royalties.

Equal Quality and Distribution

With IngramSpark, you can achieve a physical product (whether print book or ebook) with the same quality standards that the publishing industry expects and that are utilized by traditional publishers, meaning your print book has the same binding, trim sizes, paper weights, return status, wholesale discount, and beyond as books created by traditional publishers. IngramSpark also offers you the same global book distribution options as traditional publishers receive, making your title available to over 39,000 retailers and libraries worldwide and major online retailers like Amazon, Apple iBooks, and more. So the playing field has been leveled in quality and availability. Boom. Quality and distribution done. Essential? Yes. Necessary for sales? Yes. All you need? Absolutely not.

Having a quality book to make available isn’t the only thing that sells books. Of course, you can’t have sales without a product and the industry can’t take you seriously without a professional product, but it’s the decisions you make and effort you put forth that actually sells your books. Decisions you're perfectly capable of making and effort you’re more than equipped to exert with the right resources.


There's a wealth of resources available to today's self-publishers. IngramSpark understand that you need more than a publishing platform that allows you to publish, print, and distribute your work, because we know that’s not all it takes for you to be successful. We want you to be the most informed self-publisher you can be, which is why we provide publisher education tools to help get you there. You never know what will make the difference for your book in particular, so we try to provide everything we can and let you pick what’s right for you and your book. Here’s what we offer to help you succeed:

We’ve leveled the playing field and will always continue to make advancements to better serve you so that you can focus on writing your book and using your resources to make it the best it can be.


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Renee Lamine

Renee Lamine is the Marketing Manager for IngramSpark. She holds a master's degree in writing and publishing from Emerson College and began her career on the marketing team for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's trade book division. She's happy to contribute her marketing expertise to help self-publishers share their stories with the world via IngramSpark.