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Write a Memoir to Expand Your Author Brand

If you want to write something truly unique that will also serve to grow your brand as an author consider writing a memoir. No one has the same story as you or will be able to tell it in your style. Your fans want to get to know you, and you can go much deeper in a memoir than in blog articles or social media posts. As an independent author, your brand is you. 

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Celebrating Poets and National Poetry Month

Dickinson, Frost, Angelou, Hughes, Whitman . . . the names alone conjure up a rush of "the feels." These names inspire. They are worthy of remembrance, but that's not enough. National Poetry Month is a call to not only remember these inspirational artists, but also to think about and share how their work and the art form it embodies has endured to influence millions of lives. Poetry extends across cultures and generations and you have a role to play in that.

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Enhance Visibility of Your Titles with Thema Subject Categories

Choosing Thema Subject and Qualifier Codes are a powerful way to make your book more discoverable in the Global Market. More super-charged than BISAC Subject Codes, Themas were designed to help your book find both its broad, and very specific, audience around the world 

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How to Copyright a Book

Most independent authors don’t consider copyrighting until they're in the process of self-publishing, and that’s okay since it doesn’t have to be done before you publish. It can be a little complicated though, and it's often the last thing writers want to think about during the excitement of self-publishing their work. Getting a firm grasp on what copyrighting means, and the steps you’ll have to take, is essential, and you can do it at any point in your journey.

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Translate Your Book to Reach More Readers

If you’ve already found success selling your self-published book and are looking for a wider market, you may want to think about translating your book so that as many readers as possible can enjoy it. Less than 20% of the world speaks English, so by translating your work into another language, you can potentially reach hundreds of thousands of new readers. 

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The Importance of Peer Input for Authors

Almost all writers realize the value of feedback and editing from others. While a few may write only for themselves, most want others to see, and enjoy, their work and to know how their work is received. For authors preparing to publish their book, the process often involves others such as friends, family, beta readers, editors, and maybe a mentor. This group should also include other writers, especially those who have published before. Don’t miss out on the value of peer input.

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How (and Why) to Market Your Book with Another Author

Most people think of writing, self-publishing, and selling their books as a solitary endeavor. Though it can be, it doesn’t have to be. Usually, you’ll find great success by working with others, especially in the realm of marketing and promotion. There are many benefits to working with other authors. Here, we’ll share some of those benefits and expand on how you can find collaborators and get them to work with you.

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Getting Your Book in Front of Book Clubs

Have you dreamed about your book being discussed by a book club, bringing a community of readers closer, and inspiring lively conversations? Authors don’t write just to have their book sitting on a dusty shelf, and book clubs are a great way to get your work out there. Keep reading to learn how to market your book to book clubs.

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Share & Sell Your Books with IngramSpark Shareable Purchase Links

So, you’ve published your book with IngramSpark, and it’s available online, in stores, and around the world. Maybe you’ve thought about offering a discounted price or a special run of your title just for your friends and family, or for your followers on social media. Did you know you can now sell your book directly to readers from your author website, social media profile, and more with shareable purchase links?

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The Importance of Author Networking

Undoubtedly, you already know how important networking is to success in any business. Being an author is no different, and for self-published authors, networking is something you cannot neglect. Here, we’ll cover some of the benefits of networking and the best places, virtually or in person, to accomplish this.

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