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BookCon 2019: Special Offers for Indie Authors!

We have some special opportunities to help you get the most out of BookCon 2019! How does your own personal publishing consultation sound? What about reading from your work on stage?! Learn more about the opportunities to grow your author business at BookCon 2019! 

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Haiku Contest Winner: Celebrating National Poetry Month

In celebration of National Poetry Month in April and National Haiku Poetry Day on April 17, we ran a contest asking you for your best haiku—and the response was overwhelming. We laughed, we cried, and we counted lots of syllables. Join us in celebrating these authentic, talented poets who entered the contest, and learn more about how to self-publish poetry with IngramSpark today!

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Indie Book Promotion: Short-Term vs Long-Term Book Marketing

When you're self-publishing a book, you have ultimate control over your publishing decisions. You have control over the editorial, creative, and marketing process;  you also have control over your book promotion schedule. So, when do you start promoting your book? How can you start planning now for a successful book launch? We have answers to these questions and more in today's post.

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Updating Pricing, Returns, and Discounts Weekly in IngramSpark

Historically, you've been able to update pricing, returns, and discount information within your IngramSpark account and those changes have been made effective on a monthly basisAs of March 26, 2019, these price changes are now effective weekly. Learn more about how to update pricing in IngramSpark—and a few things to think about before you do.

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Book Distribution with IngramSpark

One of the major benefits of using IngramSpark to self-publish a book is the distribution that's made available to indie authors. When you self-publish with IngramSpark, you have access to one of the publishing industry’s largest global print and ebook distribution networks which makes opportunities to sell your books that much greater.

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Go Publish Yourself Season 3: That's a Wrap!

This week marks a wrap on Season 3 of our self-publishing podcast, Go Publish Yourself! Since launching in January 2018, we've made it our mission to bring you the best of the best in publishing industry tips, trends, and breaking news. We've been blown away by the support from the self-publishing community with over 100,000 listens in more than 70 countries. Today, we're highlighting some of our favorites from Season 3—listen, learn, and Go Publish Yourself today!

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How to Print a Book with IngramSpark

In the age of digital media, everybody and their brother has the capability of reading books online and on digital devices. But what if you want your books to exist in the flesh (or, in the print)? If you’re one of the many authors who dreams of holding their book with their own two hands, we’ve got the information you need to succeed. You can create and print a book, then make it available through online retailers such as Amazon, Kobo, B&N, and Apple, as well as local brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries, by following these general guidelines:

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Benefits of Self-Publishing in Today's Market

Self-aware authors know they're taking on a challenge when they choose to self-publish a book, a rewarding and exciting challenge, but a challenge nonetheless. With advancements in technology and opportunity, and a lessening of the bias against self-publishing, every author now has a chance to succeed in the publishing space doing it on their own.

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How to Market Self-Published Books in the Digital World

Marketing plays a huge role in any book’s success, but this is especially true for self-published books. Before you publish a book (or before you even start writing it!), it’s important to think about who you’ll be selling your book to—and how. Digital marketing is constantly changing, and it can be tough for authors to keep up with the top trends. We've rounded up the top digital marketing strategies to help both new and savvy indie authors understand how to market self-published books.

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Why Should I Discount My Book?

After you've spent the time and money to editdesign, and market your book, the thought of selling it at a discounted price may seem counterintuitive. However, offering a discount is an excellent way to expand your reach in the book distribution channels. Discounting your book can help get it picked up by retailers. Here's how.

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