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What You Need to Publish a Book

Authors who decide to self-publish a book are effectively taking on the role of a business owner if the end goal is to make money from book sales. When you decide to self-publish, you’re no longer a writer, or even an author, but a publisher. Although there is a learning curve when you make the leap from author to publisher, it doesn’t have to be intimidating; it can actually be fun with the right tools. Here’s what you need in order to become a publisher:

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IngramSpark Self-Publishing Podcast: Go Publish Yourself Season 2

The IngramSpark self-publishing podcast is back and better than ever! Join us for Season 2 of Go Publish Yourself from our website or your favorite audio platform: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and beyond! New episodes release every Tuesday during a given season.

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IngramSpark Promo Code Available Now!

Before you know it, the holidays will be here and you’ll be rushing to get your end-of-year IngramSpark orders in. The holiday sales season isn’t sneaky. Some of the signs are already here (with holiday items popping up in retail stores and changing weather patterns), but it still manages to take authors by surprise. But not this year! This is the year you beat the holiday rush and here's how.

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Australian Indie Publishing Forum 2018

Experts in the Australian writing and independent publishing community are coming together for the first ever Indie Publishing Forum in Australia. These discussions are open to the public—anybody in Australia interested in writing or publishing their stories. And it's all in support of a great cause.

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Personalize Your IngramSpark Book Orders!

The moment you’ve been waiting for! IngramSpark just got personal. Now you can personalize any book order for just $1 per book! Keep reading for details and ideas of how to use this awesome new feature to customize your book orders!

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How to Set Up a Title with IngramSpark – Part 2

You’ve handled important pieces of your title setup process such as format, title, author, and book description, which we covered in Part 1 of this blog series, so now it’s time to move on to pricing, book distribution, and file upload. Pricing and book distribution methods are important pieces of your book’s metadata used to convey vital information about your book to customers, bookstores, libraries, and other retailers. And without files, there’s no book. Here’s what you need to know about each of these steps when setting up a title with IngramSpark.

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How to Set Up a Title with IngramSpark - Part 1

Your IngramSpark account setup is complete – now what? The first step in moving forward is uploading a book into your account, so here’s how you would go about doing that!

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IngramSpark Self-Publishing Podcast: Author Spotlights

One of the best ways to learn how to publish successfully is to listen to those who have gone before. Six successful authors recently shared their stories on the IngramSpark self-publishing podcast, Go Publish Yourself.

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Special Tip to Help You Sell More Books with IngramSpark

Global book distribution can often be one of the most daunting prospects for independent and self-publishers. You may be sitting in your small town when you decide to publish a book and you think you'll sell it online and perhaps to your local bookstores and libraries, but there's actually a world of possibilities available to you that you may not be taking full advantage of.

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The Pros of Hardback Books

While choosing a paperback format is the most common route for self-publishers when releasing a new title or edition, it is important to remember the merits of hardback books as well. Here are a few reasons to consider printing a hardback book.

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