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Share Your Pride!

Thursday, June 06, 2024

Born from a 1970 New York City march honoring the Stonewall Uprising, Pride Month has become a global celebration. It's a time to champion self-acceptance, equality, and the richness of diversity. Recognizing the contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals to history and culture, IngramSpark is proud to spotlight indie authors and publishers who bring the LGBTQ+ experience to life.

⁠Below, you'll find some great author resources as well as a number of ways you can show your support for Pride Month, no matter how you identify! 


Author Resources

As an author, whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or have written about the history and/or culture of queer and transgender issues, there are a number of forums and organizations you may want to become a part of, including:

Forums & Organizations

  • Out on the Page: a UK-based online forum, directory, and events program for LGBTQ+ writers.
  • Lambda Literary: an organization that has championed LGBTQ+ books and authors for more than 30 years. It offers the nation’s premier multi-genre writing residency devoted exclusively to emerging LGBTQ+ writers—The Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices.
  • The Publishing Triangle: a group of queer folks who work to further the publication of books and other materials written by LGBTQ+ authors or with LGBTQ+ themes.
  • The WGA LGBTQ+ Writers Committee: the Writers Guild of America West’s LGBTQ+ Writers Committee seeks to utilize its constituency as a resource to all writers who include LGBTQ+ characters in their work.

There are also grants and awards for which you can apply:


  • The Speculative Literature Foundation’s Diverse Writers Grant and The Diverse Worlds Grant—the SLF has offered two diversity-centered grants intended to foster the creation of speculative fiction work rich in diversity. Writers may apply for either or both grants here.
  • The Gay & Lesbian Review / Worldwide Grant Programto cultivate a diverse pool of writers for The G&LR to bring new perspectives, ideas, and voices to the magazine. Accepts proposals from graduate students across disciplines and fields that make a contribution to LGBTQ+ scholarship or the arts.



  • The Stonewall Book Awards—the first and most enduring award for LGBTQ+ books, honoring exceptional merit relating to the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender experience. Learn more here
  • The Page Turner Awards—inclusive writing and book awards with one goal: to change the lives of as many writers as possible. 
  • The Publishing Triangle Awards—presents several awards annually, honoring the best LGBTQ+ literature published. 
  • Lammy Awards—The Lambda Literary Awards celebrate outstanding LGBTQ+ storytelling from a given year. Works reflecting identities beyond lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer or questioning are welcome.




Be an Ally

There are many ways you can show your support by being an ally and standing with the  community. The key is using your public platform to amplify LGBTQ+ stories, histories, and continued calls for equality and acceptance. Get involved and protect love in all its various forms!

Share LGBTQ+ Books and Authors on Social Media

  • Use pride-themed hashtags such as #PrideMonth, #LGBTQBOOKS, and #ReadWithPride to amplify diverse voices and stories.
  • Post a picture (or even a video) of yourself reading your favorite book or author on your page or newsfeed.
  • Share or spotlight any of the National Education Association's recommended titles for schools that reflect on the LGBTQ+ experience and books about Pride, tolerance, and diversity.

Attend Pride-themed Author Events, Book Festivals, or Readings by LGBTQ+ Authors

  • Check sites such as EventBrite or Meetup for local events in your area
  • Plan a trip to a destination you've always wanted to visit and attend festivals such as Lavender Con (Washington, D.C.), Rainbow Book Fair (New York City), or the Gay Pride Festival and Parade (San Antonio, TX)
  • There are a number of festivals that take place beyond the month of June—find a list here

Buy & Read Books by LGBTQ+ Authors

  • Search for books on social media platforms using such hashtags as #queerreads, #lesbianfiction, and #gayromance. 
  • Subscribe to blogs dedicated to LGBTQ+ media such as Reads Rainbow, The Lesbian Review, and Proud Geek
  • Read up on past award winners from the Stonewall Book Awards and Lambda Literary Awards and choose books of merit relating to the LGBTQ+ experience.
  • Follow these tips from the Indianapolis Public Library for finding authors and books that may be of interest to you. 

No matter how you choose to honor Pride Month, the most important things are to be vocal, be visible in your support, educate yourself, and use your voice and platform to create positive change.

IngramSpark Staff

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