Write a Memoir to Expand Your Author Brand

Thursday, April 11, 2024

If you want to write something truly unique that will also serve to grow your brand as an author consider writing a memoir. No one has the same story as you or will be able to tell it in your style. Your fans want to get to know you, and you can go much deeper in a memoir than in blog articles or social media posts. As an independent author, your brand is you. 

If you’re wondering if you should write a memoir even though you’re not a celebrity (yet),  here are some powerful reasons to do it:

    • Capture your memories
    • Share your perspective
    • Encourage readers who may be going through some of the same things
    • Create a community

Writing a memoir gives you so many opportunities for other content. Make a blog post about it, post quotes from it on all social media platforms, and make a brief promotional video for it. Each one of these gets your name in front of more people and builds your brand.

Having a memoir available helps you grow your network with people who can relate to you. People want to buy from writers who are a regular person, just like them, that they can related to. Even if others haven’t actually experienced the same things you reveal in your memoir, they can see that you’ve lived the human experience and that’s attractive. They will trust what you’re offering and be more likely to buy and recommend your books. 

A memoir can do the work of a pitch meeting, an introductory email, or even a business card. If you print a few copies to keep on hand, you can give it to someone when the conversation is appropriate.

And remember that even though you’re writing this memoir to build your brand, it's also another revenue stream. You want your memoir to be an additional avenue for marketing and promotion—to get your name out there—so people will buy books you’ve already written, but people will buy your memoir as well, which will add to your income.

A memoir is as much for the reader as it is for the writer. If you’ve got an interesting story to tell, people will want to hear it. Use this fact to expand your author brand so more people can enjoy your work.


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