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How to Design a Book

Learn how to design a book cover and interior with book design tips that will help your book reach more readers. This course reveals important publishing industry standards to keep in mind for your book design, whether you create your cover and interior yourself or work with a professional book designer.

book design

What You’ll Learn From This Free Online Self-Publishing Course:

CHAPTER 1 (8 minutes)

Book Formatting: The Start of Book Design

CHAPTER 2 (4 minutes)

The Art of Typesetting

CHAPTER 3 (7 minutes)

9 Interior Book Design Tips

CHAPTER 4 (12 minutes)

Tips for Book Cover Design

CHAPTER 5 (4 minutes)

Inspiring Book Cover Design Trends

CHAPTER 6 (4 minutes)

How to Work with a Book Designer

CHAPTER 7 (5 minutes)

Book Design Tools for Publishing a Book on a Budget


Average Time to Complete:  45 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Content in this online self-publishing course originally appeared as individual IngramSpark blog articles, authored by the following contributors:

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