4 Key Book Promotion Strategies for Marketing Young Adult (YA) Titles

Thursday, April 16, 2020

There is no question that the Young Adult (YA) genre has taken the book world by storm. Gone are the days when the only titles that fit into this genre were dystopian fantasies, or when the only readers were teenagers. The YA genre has evolved—and continues to evolve—along with its readers and their tastes and now includes more realism, romance, diversity, and inclusivity than ever. As a result, the number of YA books published and sold each year has exploded.

So what can YA authors do to set their book apart? Here are four key book promotion strategies to keep in mind when it comes to this popular genre.

1. Make a strong first impression with a cover reveal. 

A great way to attract an audience and build buzz about your book before it launches is to plan a book cover ‘reveal.’ A cover reveal is an effective way to make a strong first impression, offer a sneak peek alongside opportunities to pre-order, and give readers a visual way to set your book apart from others. Whether you host your own reveal or partner with a media outlet or influencer who appeals to your target audience, don’t forget to promote the reveal ahead of time across your networks, social media platforms, and in your email newsletter.

book-description-12. Offer readers something exclusive.

Let’s face it: exclusivity is exciting! Consider offering an exclusive excerpt from your book as a way to give readers a taste of your writing, build and maintain a solid fan base, get people talking about the book, and—of course—entice them to buy it.

When selecting your excerpt, imagine what you would want to read as the consumer; high-action excerpts are more likely to hook readers than passive ones. Don’t forget that exclusivity is key. Your excerpt should be one that they cannot access elsewhere through book descriptions and blurbs.

3. Get involved in the community.

One of the best ways to reach YA readers is to become involved in their communities. When mapping out your book marketing strategy, don’t forget to tap into these communities by attending book festivals, planning school visits and readings, and making sure you are as active as possible on social media. A little research and outreach goes a long way when it comes to securing your spot on the YA stage—and on "to-read" lists!

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4. Remember, bloggers are your best friend.

Trade publications are important, but bloggers and online outlets also reign supreme when it comes to securing meaningful coverage for YA titles. In the past, many authors have turned their noses up at blog reviews, but this outlook has shifted drastically as digital media has become the go-to for Millennials and Generation Z.

Bloggers, influencers, and online outlets have dedicated followers who trust their recommendations and will make purchases based off of them. The takeaway here is simple: go where your readers are.

If you’re a YA author, congratulations, you’re in a hot genre full of opportunities and possibilities!


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Jennifer Tucker

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