Celebrating Poets and National Poetry Month

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dickinson, Frost, Angelou, Hughes, Whitman . . . the names alone conjure up a rush of 'the feels.' These names inspire. These names are worthy of remembrance, but that's not enough. National Poetry Month is a call to not only remember these inspirational artists, but think about and share how their work and the art form it embodies has endured to influence millions of lives. Poetry extends across cultures and generations and you have a role to play in that.

Publish your poetry today.

About National Poetry Month

Founded in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month brings together millions of people from across the nation—students, teachers, librarians, booksellers, publishers, poets, and more—in support of the art of poetry.

Throughout the month of April people from all walks are encouraged to read, write, and talk poetry. The goal: to bring the importance of poetry to the national forefront. This includes doing things like:

  • Remembering, supporting, and celebrating poets—past and present
  • Encouraging the reading of poetry
  • Bringing poetry to the attention of local and national media
  • Giving poetry a bigger stage in the classroom
  • Getting more poetry into the world

Why We Think Poetry Matters

While it is easy to get suffocated by the sensationalism of modern life, poetry offers a fresh breath of authentic humanity at its most beautiful and vulnerable core.

Poetry often reminds us that experience can be expressed in deceptively simple ways, without offering any absolutes. An ageless tradition, poetry is often seen as harkening back to more interpretative and introspective times, when knowledge of our world was not so black and white.

That is the beauty of poetry. What it is to us may not be what it is to you, but it is something to everyone. So simply stated, we believe the world needs more poetry and we support National Poetry Month and poets.

How IngramSpark Supports Poetry

Because traditional publishers don’t typically accept much poetry from poets with less than exceptional name recognition, there is a perception that publishing a book of poetry is almost impossible.

Allow us to squash that notion right now.

Everyone can get their poetry published.

That is a reality we want to make very clear. IngramSpark allows you to self-publish a poetry book. All the tools you need to help share your poems with the world can be found at IngramSpark.

  • Want to publish your poems as an ebook? Go ahead.
  • Want to self-publish a poetry anthology in multiple hardcover volumes? Done.
  • Want to do both print and digital? We're happy to help.

Self-publishing can be one of the most liberating forms of literary self-expression. IngramSpark follows suit by offering poets and writers a wide range of formatting and binding options. While some book types work better for poems than others, we give poets the freedom to choose exactly how they want to frame their verse.

Self-publishing a poetry book to share with the world is very much within your reach. Alongside a wide range of book types and trim sizes, we provide access to the tools and support you need to publish a well-polished book of poetry, made readily available to poetry lovers, booksellers, and librarians across the globe.

  • Easy access to global distribution
  • Self-publishing guides and online training
  • Dedicated support from self-publishing pros

As an aspiring or professional poet you are already playing a huge role in National Poetry Month. Now is your chance to take that role even further. Because the world needs more poetry—see how IngramSpark can help you become a published poet. 


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