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Promoting Your Book in Global Markets

Thursday, May 16, 2024

In a previous post, we discussed the many reasons why you should sell your book globally and how Global Connect makes it easy to get into international markets. The next question you’re probably asking yourself is how to go about promoting your book in those markets. Here, we'll share some things to consider when stepping into the international scene.


Research Countries 

You'll see the word “research” throughout this post. Research will become your best friend in this venture, so embrace it. Even though you’ve decided to make your book available in other countries, that doesn’t mean it will sell well in every location.

Perform a search to see what the bestselling titles and genres are in each country. If your book doesn’t fit in at all, it might be best to skip that country or at least prioritize the countries in which you know your genre or style are appreciated, and your efforts will result in a bigger return.


Revise Your Book Cover

You've likely put a lot of thought, time, and money into the cover of your book. It’s how people get their first impression of a book and sets expectations for what it will be about. However, different cultures have different perspectives, and what appeals to people in the U.S. might be quite different than what appeals to people in other countries. Research books that are selling well in the countries you want to be in, and look closely at the fonts, colors, styles, and elements featured on the covers. Focus on your genre while comparing your cover to popular books and see what changes you might need to make.


Adjust Pricing

You might think you can just convert the current price of your book into the currency of whatever country you’re selling in, but pricing your book in foreign markets needs a little more attention. Research what books of similar genre, length, and quality are selling for and price your book accordingly. Just as when you're pricing your book in the U.S., a price that’s much higher or lower than the others on the shelf around it will send a negative message to potential readers.

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Once you’ve laid this groundwork, you can get to the work of letting the world know about your book. The good news is that marketing globally doesn’t have to add much to your workload, because you’re probably already reaching some people in other countries through your internet presence. Your website, blog, and social media posts are already available to many of the people you want to reach. Now you just have to get their attention.

  • Offer a Free Book or Ebook: This is a great place to start, and it works best if the book you’re giving away is the first in a series so they’ll come back for more…while paying this time.
  • Offer Discounts: If you decide to offer discounts, make sure they're actually available for all the countries in which you promote. With Global Connect you can set the price and discounts for each country in their network. You can offer giveaways on your own and specify that it’s only available for people in particular countries. Note: Be sure to factor in time zone differences! You don't want to hold a giveaway for Germany when they're all asleep.
  • Connect with Reviewers and Influencers in Other Countries: To gain more of an audience outside of the U.S., look up popular book bloggers and reviewers in other  countries and politely ask them if they’d like to review and write about your book. Having an electronic version of your book is especially helpful in this situation, but be willing to send a physical copy if that’s what they prefer. Becoming a part of the book blogging community is beneficial because their connections become your connections. Check out this directory to start making those connections.
  • Involve Your Fan Base: Do a deep dive on your current fans to see if any of them are from the countries in which you want to have a presence. See if anyone liking or commenting upon your social media posts, blog, and YouTube videos mentions where they're from. If you have an email list for newsletters and such, scan through them and see if any have email addresses from other countries.
  • Think Outside the Box: One group that many indie authors trying to sell globally don’t think of is the military. There are thousands of English-speaking readers in countries where English isn't primarily spoken. They're easily reached through online promotion, and many would love to be able to find your book in a local bookstore. 

You should also remember that certain social media platforms are more popular in other countries, so research which ones are best to reach people in your target country and create an account for each of them. You already have content to post and won't have to start from scratch.

Most marketing and promotion that you’ve already done for your book can be replicated when you enter the global market, but hopefully, we’ve given you some insight into some of the differences you’ll encounter in foreign countries, and how you can market successfully in this venture.

IngramSpark Staff

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