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Why You Should Sell Your Book Globally

Thursday, May 23, 2024

The excitement and sense of accomplishment from publishing your book and seeing it for sale in retail stores and online is fantastic. It’s even more exciting to see the money come in. But if those sales are slowing, or even if they remain steady, it might be time to look beyond your current horizons and into selling in international markets.

The market for books in the U.S. is huge, but the 2023 global book market was valued at $132.4 billionFor authors and publishers willing to invest, selling their books globally can pay off substantially in terms of greater impact, revenue, and career opportunities. Don't limit your book’s potential by just staying in your comfort zone.

Though the United States accounts for about a quarter of the global revenue in the book market, that means there's three quarters you're not accessing. Not all of those readers can read English, of course, but millions can.

From Wikipedia, here’s the rundown of English speakers for the countries in IngramSpark’s Global Connect program:

    • Brazil - 10,542,000
    • China - 10,000,000
    • Germany - 45,400,000
    • India - 128,539,090
    • Italy - 8,121,000
    • Japan - 1,000,800
    • Poland - 18,890,000
    • South Africa - 16,424,417
    • South Korea - 5,160,000
    • Spain - 10,400,000

That’s more than 250,000,000 possible readers who currently have little to no access to your book.


There are so many readers out there who would love your book—you just have to get it to them!


Here are some key reasons why you should consider selling your books globally: 

Generate More Revenue

Obviously, that's the goal for everyone. By making your book available internationally, you're greatly expanding your potential market beyond your home country or region. This can significantly increase sales opportunities for you. Even niche topics may find substantial audiences in countries you may not have thought of before. 

Increase Your Visibility

Distributing your work into multiple countries will get your name in front of an entirely new group of potential readers. This builds your reputation and gives you the chance to share your story with new cultures. New doors for future writing opportunities could potentially open for you for future collaborations. It can even open up opportunities for international rights for translation, audiobooks, and film or television adaptations.

Future Growth Potential

Markets such as China, India, and Africa are experiencing rapid reader growth. If you have an international presence, it places you in a good position for future expansion. Ebook usage in China is soaring as readers get greater access to this technology. There's a similar rise in the use of audiobooks internationally, which is another avenue for income and an untapped group of people to experience your book. 

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is King”. If that’s true then distribution is Queen. You may have written a thrilling tale, but that doesn't matter if people can't get their hands on it. You can’t just think “My book is on Amazon; people will find it.”

Careful planning, research, and strategy are essential to maximize the benefits and mitigate the risks of going international with your book sales. The Global Connect program provides the level of distribution you need to be successful in the global book market.

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