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Voices from the IngramSpark Community Share #WhyIPublish

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

At IngramSpark, our mission is to support you through your self-publishing journey. Nothing is more inspiring than writers like you sharing your stories—the reason behind your book, your "why." In May 2020, we asked the writing community to share their #WhyIPublish stories, and the response was overwhelming. In today's post, we're sharing some inspiring stories and a breakdown of the data from our #WhyIPublish survey.

#WhyIPublish: How it Started

It all started with a single post on Instagram asking authors to share #WhyIPublish.

#WhyIPublish: The Stories

The responses on social media were overwhelming. We heard from diverse writers with different backgrounds and life experiences, all with a shared goal: publishing a book. Sharing their story.





#WhyIPublish: The Survey Results

In addition to sharing #WhyIPublish stories on social media, over 1700 self-published authors (and counting!) took our #WhyIPublish survey, giving us a deeper look into the experiences and history of our IngramSpark author community. 

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#WhyIPublish: Get Involved

There are two ways to share your story!

1. Share #WhyIPublish on Social Media

Share your #WhyIPublish story on social media and tag IngramSpark (handles below!) along with #WhyIPublish. We enjoy getting to know you and would love to feature your stories with the rest of the IngramSpark author community.

1. Take the #WhyIPublish Survey

By participating in our 8-question survey, you can help us continue to spread a love of writing and indie publishing! 

We love hearing from indie authors like you. At the heart of every writer is a dream, a sense of purpose. We're honored that you've chosen to share it with us! 


Share Your #WhyIPublish Story: Take the Survey

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