Why We Love Books and Authors

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

On this day, internationally recognized as a day dedicated to expressing our love for one another, we on the IngramSpark team would like to write a little love note to our first love: books. And you can't have books without authors, so this one's for you too, authors! We love books so much that we decided to make careers out of helping authors create them and share them with the world. We believe in the power and value of books (above all) and the magic that authors create every time they publish one, but on a more personal level, this is why we love books and authors:

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Robin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark

Why Robin Loves Books: "I love the smell of books, that musty smell that you notice in an old library. It reminds me of a time when the library of my childhood was the center of my universe. It is the smell of knowledge, comfort, and adventure." 

Why Robin Loves Authors: "The power of the written word is more important now than ever. Even as some people cram their thoughts into a mere 140 characters, the authors of the world still delight and challenge us with stories and truths that can’t be contained in a Twitter feed."

Lindsay, Manager Client Services

Why Lindsay Loves Books: "I have loved books as far back as I can remember. Whether I’m finding comfort in research, being swept away by an exciting tale, or being immersed in an emotional story – a good book can provide solace and a break from the world. I love getting lost in a book." 

Why Lindsay Loves Authors: "Authors have so much imagination - the ability to get their stories written down and shared is truly amazing. I am grateful for the many storytellers out there."

Nathan, Business Operations Analyst

Why Nathan Loves Books: "Nothing has the capacity to entertain, educate, enrich, spark dialogue, awaken creativity, and open our minds quite like a book." 

Why Nathan Loves Authors: "I love creative people, and the outlet they choose to express themselves."

Pam, Account Representative

Why Pam Loves Books: "I love books for the knowledge and understanding I gain from them. I read to learn and love learning something new." 

Why Pam Loves Authors: "Authors are the storytellers and creative genius behind the content we print and distribute all over the world. Everyone has a story to share and now they can share those stories and other helpful and valuable information with our help. It’s always great fun working with authors and enlightening them on how we can help get their books into the marketplace, so they can continue to do what they love: create and promote their books. It would be a boring world without them!"

Justine, Key Account Sales Manager

Why Justine Loves Books: "I love books because they have the ability to make me laugh, cry, think, and empower me. But most importantly, books have the magical ability to transport you to a new world for a little while. You can be a farm girl who has fallen in love with a Duke, or a valiant spaceship captain conquering aliens, or a boy wizard who has the fate of the world on his shoulders. These are the stories that enrapture us and make us fall more and more in love with each turning page."

Why Justine Loves Authors: "Why do I love authors? Let me count the ways! Authors are the creators. Authors are the ones who work tirelessly to put pen to paper. Authors are the ones who are constantly writing stories in their head to entertain and teach us. Without authors, we would only have blank pages."

Kristin, Marketing Manager

Why Kristin Loves Books: "I love books because no matter if they are fiction or non-fiction, they expand my mind. When I read fiction books, I'm able to enter into the story and feel what the author wants to express. When I read non-fiction books, I walk away having more knowledge on a particular subject. I'd much rather read a book than scour the Internet for information." 

Why Kristin Loves Authors: "Authors have more knowledge than I do and teach me something new with every book I read."

Renee, Marketing Coordinator

Why Renee Loves Books: "I love books for the opportunity for growth and development they give to all, offering the ability to experience people, places, and mindsets you may never see in reality. They're an opportunity to 'see how the other half lives' and view the world as someone other than yourself experiences it. Books help us fight off ignorance, gain perspective, learn something new, or just plain entertain us. And I love them for it. I love what they mean for our education and for our society as a whole."

Why Renee Loves Authors: "I love authors because they are the magic makers. Anything a book is able to achieve for me is because of the person behind the book. If I am moved, enlightened, or represented by a piece of literature, there is a person who made it happen, and that person is an author whose value in this world I cannot possibly express."

Books and authors matter to us at IngramSpark and to a world hungry for great stories. We love you and are grateful for your existence and hope you will continue writing and continue making your magic happen. We're here to help you do it and consider ourselves lucky to do so!

Share why you love books and authors on social media with #booklove and tag us so that we can share the love of reading! Happy Valentine's Day!  

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