Gloria Morgan

Gloria Morgan is the Managing Director of Dayglo Books Ltd. She grew up in London, likes travelling, and some of the interesting people and places she’s seen have found their way into her books. When she isn’t in front of her computer, she enjoys gardening and going for long walks with her dog. Oh, and singing. She sings a lot; usually when no one is listening.

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Publishing for a Purpose: Books for Dyslexics

Four in ten people suffer some form of visual stress when they try to read print. They may hold the book at arm’s length, squint and look away from the page frequently; they may develop a headache; suffer nausea; or even have a migraine. And chances are that one of those four people will be dyslexic. Visual stress and dyslexia are ever-present issues for a lot of people, and are not usually addressed in book production, but as an indie author, I realized they can be.

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