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Spark and KDP for Ebooks

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

What is Kindle Direct Publishing? 

In the world of self-publishing, Kindle Direct Publishing is undoubtedly a well-known name. Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP for short, is Amazon’s platform for self-publishing ebooks, paperback, and hardcover books. When deciding to self-publish your ebook, you probably thought of KDP as the go-to platform. If you have used KDP, then you are aware of the process of creating an account, uploading your book, book cover, and the book’s description to create a book that is ready for sale. It is a fairly straightforward process that has worked for many authors.

But did you know that IngramSpark works with KDP? Keep reading to learn how.

IngramSpark and KDP Together

IngramSpark works not only as the system to self-publish your print book and your ebook but also works with retailers to distribute your book both physically and digitally. For ebooks, specifically, this means over 40 of the top online distributors from around the world will be selling your ebook. If you self-publish through KDP, your ebook is only available through Amazon and Kindle. While Amazon does have Kindle stores in multiple countries, they are still only one distributor.

When you publish through IngramSpark, your ebook will be available not only through Amazon and Kindle but through our growing network of distributors. These online retailers offer multiple ways readers can enjoy your ebook. Not only can your ebook be bought as a direct sale, but readers can purchase access through a monthly subscription service. Libraries also function as distributors by purchasing licenses to your ebook and offering their patrons free access. In this way, IngramSpark gives you the best of both worlds by working with Kindle Direct Publishing to get your book into the hands of as many readers as possible.

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A Streamlined Source 

If you own the ISBN for your ebook, you can still use IngramSpark and KDP at the same time. However, this would mean double work on your part to edit, format and upload your book. Every update, change or edit that you do for your ebook in IngramSpark would have to be done separately in KDP. If you found a third self-publisher or ebook distributor you wanted to use, that would mean doing the same work three times. On the other hand, you could use IngramSpark for your ebooks and get wide distribution in one platform.

It’s also beneficial to keep your financial information in one place. Managing one revenue stream is always easier than two or three. As a simple and streamlined source for ebook production and distribution, IngramSpark is a practical and time-saving option.

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