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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

With the rise of e-readers, ebook retailers, and changing shopping patterns, it’s never been a more advantageous time to share your story in the digital marketplace! There are several prominent self-publishing companies you can choose from when deciding to publish an ebook. While famous names like Kindle Direct Publishing, BookBaby, and Issuu might sound like the way to go, IngramSpark has so much more to offer authors. This includes the convenience of having your print and ebook in one platform, a user-friendly Book-Building Tool, a wide distribution network and easy conversion of print book files to ebook.


What if you have multiple ebooks you want to publish? What if you want your print books published as well? IngramSpark is the one-stop shop where you can manage multiple titles in ebook, print, or both all from one place. You don’t have to worry about creating multiple contracts with separate distributors or changing your format or layout to meet the requirements of different retailers. IngramSpark takes care of all of that for you.

Book-Building Tool

While self-publishing gives you independence, it can also be a lot for one person to handle. Maybe you are new to self-publishing, or you feel you lack the artistic skill to create the kind of cover you want for your book. Either way, the idea of designing and formatting your book for digital sale can be daunting. Fortunately, IngramSpark has made a tool every writer needs, IngramSpark’s Book-Building Tool. You can use this tool for print books, but it also makes creating your ebook fun and easy too. You can type your content directly into the tool, or you can easily upload your text as a document. IngramSpark’s Book-Building Tool lets you create the layout and cover and offers flexibility with a variety of pre-made designs to choose from, with options to upload and customize your own images. IngramSpark’s Book-Building Tool guarantees that your ebook will meet file requirements and adapt to be read on a variety of e-readers and devices. And the best news of it all, it’s free!



IngramSpark works with other companies to distribute your ebook worldwide. Think of IngramSpark not as a competitor with Amazon, Apple, and other retailers but as working in conjunction with them, even if they offer their own self-publishing platform. With the majority of self-publishing companies, once you publish through them, your readership is limited to that single retailer. For example, if you publish through KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing, your ebook will be available only through Amazon/Kindle. But if you publish through IngramSpark, your ebook will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple, Kobo Plus, OverDrive, and many more US and global retailers. By choosing IngramSpark, your ebook can be available to readers on all kinds of devices in countries around the world!

Easy Conversion

For those that have already published a print book, you are not left out of ebook advantages. IngramSpark can easily convert your print book into an ebook. You can do it yourself and there are other conversion service options available, but IngramSpark can convert your book for only .60¢ per page. There’s no reason to limit your readership to only a print book. Converting your print book into an ebook opens up a whole new market and sales potential!

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IngramSpark Staff

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