Creating an Ebook Six Steps

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Getting your ebook into the world is a smooth process with IngramSpark. Whether you have already published a print book through IngramSpark or are ready to start your self-publishing journey, there are only six steps for your ebook to go from your computer to the rest of the world!

1. Create an Account and/or Conversion

Never set up an account with IngramSpark? This is your first step! (If you already have an account you can skip to conversion.) Visit and click on Create Account. You will follow this progression to complete your account; business info, security, agreements, compensation, payment method, and taxes.

Conversion to an ebook is what you need if you already have an account and want to create an ebook from your published print book. You can do the conversion yourself, or let IngramSpark do it for you!

Use IngramSpark's EPUB Conversion Service


2. File Type and Barcode

Before you upload your book, you will need two crucial pieces of your ebook; an EPUB and ISBN. The EPUB is simply the file type required to upload your ebook and the ISBN is the 13-digit identifying number for your book. ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. An ISBN is required for your book to be sold by online retailers. You may already have an ISBN, but if you don’t have one IngramSpark can help you with that. More details about the file requirements for ebooks can also be found here.

3. Pricing Prep

Determining a selling price for your book is essential to your success. There are several factors to consider when pricing your ebook. This blog post can walk you through the entire process.  However, there are three guidelines to consider: find your genre and fit in, experiment with different prices and consider how different markets affect price.

4. Upload a Title or Book-Builder

Once your account is all setup, you will navigate using the menu on the left side with Home as the top option. Underneath will be Titles. This is where you will select whether you want to publish a print and ebook or only an ebook. On this same page, you will see a button, Create Your Book With Our Book Building Tool. This page is where you will have two options. You can either choose to follow the steps to upload your book, cover, and other information if it is ready, or you can use the Book Building Tool.



5. Validation and Pricing

Your content has been uploaded, the cover looks great, and all descriptions and details are finished. Now what? On the main menu under Titles, you will see Pending Approval and Pending Price Changes. You will set the pricing for your ebook, and IngramSpark will do a final check that all content, files, and pricing are in order. If you followed step three, then you already did your research on pricing your ebook. Remember to price your ebook to similar ebooks within your genre, consider experimenting with different prices and consider how different markets affect price.

6. Payment

The final step is payment, and then your ebook is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AppleBooks, and many other online retailers! Payment will vary depending on the options you selected.

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