Book Launchers is a full-service self-publishing company helping authors write, edit, design, publish, and promote a non-fiction book that is set up to grow your brand and business, With ghostwriters and writing coaches, a full team of editors, including fact checkers, a built-in marketing and promotions team, and publishing experts your book will be in great hands with this team of experts by your side. IngramSpark customers will receive the 6th month of Book Launchers service free.

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Using ChatGPT (or other AI systems) to Assist with Book Marketing

Whether you’re excited or not about AI and using it in your author business, it is here to stay. We are in the early days of AI systems like Chat GPT and and their power and utility will increase. That doesn’t mean you have to use these things as an author, but if you’re looking for some low cost short cuts, especially for research, AI could be your answer.  

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4 Non-Fiction Book Writing Myths

Many people still believe they need a literary agent to become an author. They spend months crafting the perfect book proposal and then months searching for an agent. If they are lucky enough to find an agent who wants to work with them, they then can wait six months to a year to hear if any publishers are interested. In all of that time, a book could have been written, edited, designed, and published!  

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